Check Your Head!

cyhHow many times have you had one of those throbbing headaches and somebody says–“For Pete’s sake, it’s only a little headache. You’re just trying to get out of going to class. Take an aspirin.”

And how many times have you wanted to donate your headache to that less-than-sympathetic friend and see how he handles it?

Headaches are a common malady, but when you consider these facts, the “common” headache doesn’t seem like such a little thing. According to the New England Center for Headache:

* Ninety percent of all people in the United States get at least some kind of headache some of the time.

* Fifty percent to 75 percent of all teens report having at least one headache per month.

* Twenty percent of the population seeks medical …

Smart Drugs Don’t Come As Advertised

smdcaaWouldn’t it be great if you could just take a pill that would help you breeze through hard math problems and remember all those names and dates in your history book? Wouldn’t it be great to make straight A’s without really having to work for them? Many scientists think that drugs that can make a person “smart” may someday become a reality. But they also agree that the “smart” drugs, nutrients, and drinks currently being marketed probably don’t work.

Prescription “Smart” Drugs

A number of legitimate drug companies have already started designing and testing drugs they call “cognitive enhancers,” which someday may improve thinking ability. However, it will be a long time before really effective drugs are developed, and they must be thoroughly tested before they can be sold legally …

Does A Snore Guard Come With A Guarantee?

There are no guarantees that a snore guard will work on everyone with snoring problems. However, companies are no on the market to offer guarantees. Only you can change the percentage of success by using a snore guard. By buying one of the devices and wearing those to see how effective they are, you will be able to get your own guarantee of good sleep. That is the best that a company can do. They can manufacture Cool snoring guarddevices and put it in your hands. The user is the one that has to turn it around and make it a favorable one. Perhaps, the guarantee is only available to those that stick to the plan and consistently wear a snore guard every night for several nights in a row.

After all, using it sporadically is not going to make you stop snoring. You could still be snoring on those nights you forget to wear a snore guard. Therefore, your commitment will give you the guarantee more than anything else. Soon enough, the result will be the focus of your life as you are bound to feel more energy during the day because you slept without the interruption of snoring. You can probably say that the guarantee is in the hands of the user more than anyone else.

Get Used To Wearing the Mouthguard for Snoring

People who have worn braces or retainers in their teenage years would know how difficult and painful it is to wear something in the mouth all the time. They would have been relieved to remove it once and for all leaving it behind with their teens. To expect them to rejoice over wearing a mouthguard for snoring may be asking for too much. Those that have no experience with such retainers would probably feel more adventurous about wearing this mouthguard for snoring. If nothing else, it should give them a greater sense of appreciation about someone that has suffered similarly however, the positive impact it can make on their daily life is well worth suffering a few nights in a row until you get used to it.

It is a matter of mind over matter. If you decide that it is something you need to do in order to sleep well, you will stick with the program. You will also find that wearing a mouthguard for snoring is not all that big of a sacrifice if you can ensure your partner is also sleeping well. A prime example is the Good Morning Snore Solution, which has a special design for a snoring mouthpiece (a good review is here). Waking up feeling refreshed and energized is one of Read more of Does A Snore Guard Come With A Guarantee?

Injuries Require Rest For Full Healing


Let’s face it, sports can be a blast. But an injury? Well, that’s another story. Not only can an injury be painful, but having to put your active life on hold while recuperating is no fun at all. Yet, doctors, physical therapists, and trainers all agree it is very important to allow enough time for an injury to heal properly before returning to physical activities.

Athletes anxious to get back into the game risk further and/or worse damage to the injured area when they become too impatient for the healing process to complete its course. According to Dr. Craig Young, primary care team doctor for the Milwaukee Brewers and the Milwaukee Ballet Company, if an injured person returns to the activity too soon, that person risks permanent damage. In …


If you were to take a poll in your health class right now, how many students would say they have broken or fractured at least one bone? Probably a lot of students have had this experience and many will have broken more than one bone.

Many fractures occur from falling, while others have happened in sports activities or auto accidents. The most common sites for fractures are the arms and legs.

If you have had any first aid training, you are familiar with the term splint, a device to immobilize a broken bone–especially broken or fractured arms or legs. In some areas of the body, however, fractures occur that are not so easy to deal with.

Rib Fractures

Your ribs have a special function: to protect the vital organs inside …

Healthy Nutrition Equals Healthy Sperm

hneMen manufacture sperm constantly. The process takes place in the testicles and lasts 70 to 80 days. Because sperm enter and leave the assembly line continuously, a healthy man may have 2 to 3 billion in the works at any moment. You don’t need a calculator to see how even a small problem can create millions of factory rejects.

And nowadays, keeping your sperm up to par may actually require some effort. Studies show that the typical 1990s man produces about 66 million warriors per cubic centimeter–a little more than half the number his 1940s counterpart was capable of creating, possibly due to environmental factors.

What qualifies sperm as healthy? Doctors consider three factors. First, the sperm count. Fall below 20 million and you’re considered infertile. Second is motility. You …

Schools Start Serving Healthy Food – Finally!


If you’re fed up with school lunches, you’re not alone. Everybody from U. S. senators to a student group called Kids Against Junk Food (KAJF) is demanding better food in school cafeterias.

A recent U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) report reveals that school lunches have 85 percent more sodium (basically, that means salt), 50 percent more saturated fat, and 25 percent more fat of all kinds than the department recommends for a healthy diet. Yet the U. S. government reports that many students eat their most nutritious meal of the day at school. No wonder the American Red Cross found that 39 percent of seniors at one high school had high cholesterol.

The USDA and the Senate Agriculture Committee recently held hearings to come up with new, improved guidelines …

Shyness Is Nice, And Shyness Can Stop You


Julie is at the mall and sees a bunch of girls she knows from school coming toward her. Julie’s first instinct is to go the other way. “Hi, Julie,” calls Sarah, a cheerleader who sits behind her in history. Suddenly Julie’s throat goes dry, her tongue seems to fill her whole mouth, her mind goes blank. Her eyes go to the floor, and the best she can manage is a limp wave.

Julie’s not alone. Jefferson Davis, Johnny Carson, even Kevin Costner, who never had a date in high school, along with a host of other comedians and actors, were shy like Julie. You probably have friends who are shy, and maybe you are yourself. If you are, don’t worry. You have plenty of company.

Why Shy?

Julie’s fine around …