Analog Watch vs Digital Watch

Watch has been around for quite some time, in present days watches are categorized as analog and digital watches. Have you ever wonder what set them different from each other? Because this time we are going to give you information regarding analog watches and digital watches.

In this article we are going to inform you about:
– What is hand watch, Analog Watch and Digital watch
– The difference between Analog Watch and Digital Watch
– Analog Watch vs Digital Watch

About Watch
Watch is a piece of device that intended to be carried around or worn by a person. Watch is designed to be able to work properly despite being shaken by the motions caused by the person’s activities. The wristwatch is made to be worn around people’s wrist like a bracelet, they are attached to your hand by strap or some kind of bracelet. While the pocket watch was made to be carried around in people’s pockets.

The history of watch date back from spring powered clocks in the 14th century and began to progress in the 17th century. In its developing time, watch are thought as mechanical device that was driven by clockwork, powered by winding mainspring and keeping time with an oscillating balance wheel. Later in 1980s the electronic watch is being replaced in popularity by the quartz watch. In present days most inexpensive watch and medium priced watch that are being worn mainly for timekeeping have quartz movements. Some more expensive watch that are being collected as a fashion item and for aesthetic appeal are often have traditional mechanical movements.

Those expensive watches bring along extra more value called complications, such as moon phase display and some type of tourbillon. As opposite modern watch usually has date, day, month and year. Electronic watch also has more function such as alarm, timers or chronographs. Other also has calculators, GPS, and Bluetooth.Other type of watch called Smartwatches has begun to surge in 2010, which is more like a computer-like electronics rather than a watch. They also show time, but it’s only the small part of Smartwatch capability. Nowadays the display of watch can be categorized as analog and digital watch.

About Analog Watch
Analog watch is the watch that displayed the time in the analog form, with a number dial upon which are mounted at least a rotating hour hand and a longer, rotating minute hand. Many of them also has a third hand that moves as second goes by. The watches that powered by quartz commonly have a second hand that snaps every second to the next marker. If the watch was powered by mechanical movements, the second hand will appear to be gliding. However they are not really gliding, it only to appear so because in fact they move in smaller steps, commonly in 1/5 of second, corresponding to the beat of the balance wheel.

The expensive watches that was purchase as collectible items and sold as jewelry commonly comes in analog display. Analog display however is still popular in the watches that worn for timekeeping even though in the timekeeping watches are preferred to be easy to read which is not very true in analog display.

About Digital Watch
The digital watch is the watch that shows the time as number instead of hands pointing at marks. The digits in digital watch are commonly shown as seven segment display. Seven segment display is one kind of electronic display device that was used to displaying decimal numerals, which is an alternative to the more complex dot matrix display. The first pocket watches appeared in the late 19th century, while the first digital mechanical wristwatches appeared in 1920s.

Because the usage of LED display is inefficient they began to be replaced the display with LCD in 1973. LED displays required the user to press a button to see the present time in a few seconds, LED used so much energy that they could not be kept operating continuously. LCD is used because it consume less battery power and were much more convenient to use. It also used because there is no need to push the button before seeing the current time. The only time you need to press its button is when you are in dark room where you cant see the display clearly and need a lightning to see the screen.

Taken from Wikipedia, the first LCD watches with six digit was made by Seiko back the in the 1973. However before Seiko some LCD watches has been made and marketed in the 1972, such as the GruenTeletime LCD Watch and the Cox Electronic System Quarza. The one problem with LCD watches is that they use polarized light, if you are wearing polarized sunglasses, you will not be able to see the watch because the display is roughly perpendicular to the glasses.

Analog Watch vs Digital Watch

Analog WatchDigital Watch
- It used hands to show the time- It used number to show time
- Work in 12 hour format- Work with AM/PM
- Said to show time less precisely- Said to be able to show time precisely
- Is less easy to read- Is easier to read

Comparing both of them is pretty easy, since you can see the difference clearly from their appearance. The analog watch has “hands” that moves following the marks, they at least have two hands to state the hour and minute, many of them also has a third hand to count the second. While in digital watch, the time is shown directly by number. When choosing between both of them, the choice is only lay on your personal taste. Watches are worn as timekeeping, but the design will only follow your preference.

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