Bear Tattoo Symbolism

Myth, legend and cultural lore gives us endless fodder upon which to feed our innovative selves for significant bear tattoo concepts. To wit, this pages uses simply a couple of aspects of bear significance with an idea for your next ‘roaring’ tattoo. Shamanistically, the bear is a protective, warrior representative. It is invoked for the function of protecting the tribe from unfavorable influences. It’s energy is likewise hired to soothe and settle nervous tribes (hibernation).

Bears are more than simply the adorable little toys in shops across the world. Native American Shamans thought that bears were the connect to the spiritual world and carried out numerous rituals in their honour. In the Norse culture, the god Odin was typically portrayed as a bear.

Early human beings used the hide and bones of bears in the belief that this would permit them to take in some of the spiritual and physical powers of the animal. Bears have been long connected with Native Americans, who concerned these animals as excellent warriors, displaying unbelievable Strength, Bravery, and Power in the face of opposition.

Black Bear
These mighty bears are understood for their skill in battle. As tattoo designs, they represent warrior spirits.

Bear Claw
Representing best of luck, power, and movement in tattoo styles, the bear claw is a spiritual symbol in Native American totem poles.

Bear Paw
This softer rendition of the bear claw is a sign of maternity, mild spiritedness, and strength. It can likewise mean movement or the concept of moving on in life.

California Bear
Appearing on the California state flag, the California bear represents self-reliance, self-discovery, and flexibility.

Grizzly Bear
With deep roots in North American symbolism, the grizzly bear represents strength and skill in hunting. In Native American culture, the bear was a spirit animal who directed warriors through their lives into the afterlife.

Panda Bear
Panda bear tattoo designs are believed to bring fortune to the wearer. Hence, they are a sign of best of luck. They’re also considered a living embodiment of the Chinese yin and yang symbol, which is a symbol of consistency and balance.

Polar Bear
For individuals of the Arctic, the polar bear tattoo design is a spiritual symbol. In Inuit folklore, the sky god, ‘Torngarsuk,’ is illustrated as a polar bear. As such, the polar bear has actually pertained to represent expert hunting abilities and defense.

Teddy Bear
A traditional youth toy, the teddy bear is a sign of love, love, and innocence. It can likewise be a memorial tattoo design for those who have lost children.

Bears live in a range of environments across the world, therefore they have actually pertained to represent special things to various cultures. Whether your bear tattoo design is a sign of your appreciation for nature or a spiritual connection, these animals are effective signs that make outstanding styles.

The Significance of Bear Tattoos
To lots of, Bears embody a gamut of traits that have differing significance to the wearer. Frequently, Bear tattoos represent:
– Strength
– Courage
– Defense
– Motherhood
– Bravery
– Spirituality and a deep connection with the Nature
– Power
– Self-confidence
– Resurrection (bears emerge from an extended period of inactivity in Spring)

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