Bluefish vs Sperry Angelfish

Many kind of shoe is being marketed today. Some of them have the sole purpose of protecting our feet, some may have the sole purpose of fashion. There is a type of shoe called boat shoe, this shoe was first invented to prevent people wearing it from slipping on their boat. However, today the shoe is not only worn by sailors, it already became a fashion item. Even though it may stray from its sole purpose, boat shoe is still very comfortable to wear and still keepung its non-slip property. Sperry bluefish and Sperry angelfish is both boat shoe produced by Sperry. Both of these type is very famous in the boat shoe category. They were designed with some similarities and differences. After reading this article you may tell them apart from the looks.

Bluefish vs Sperry Angelfish
Sperry or originally written as Sperry Top-sider is an American brand of boat shoe designed by Paul A. Sperry back in the 1935. Boat shoes or also known as deck shoe featured a soft rubber sole to perfectly support the foot. It also completed with a simple lacing at the top of the shoe, with looping on each side to make a more decorative look and unique design. Paul A. Sperry is the older brother of an illustrator and writer Armstrong Sperry, which famous for his sailing theme books. The first marketed boat wear from Sperry is called Sperrys or Top-siders. Today the company is owned by Wolverine World Wide and has a headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts. The history of the infamous shoes is far back when the inventor Paul A. Sperry is sailing in Long Island accidentally slipped on the deck of his boat and fell overboard. This accident inspired him to make a non-slip shoe. When experimenting on his shoe, he notice his dog can run on the icy hill without slipping. He then try cutting grooved patterns into a natural rubber sole.

The final product was first introduced in 1935. The first design features a white shoe and white outsole, which prevent the shoe from leaving marks on a boats deck. Not long after that Commonwealth Shoe and Leather partnered up with Sperry to make a new design with specially tanned leather, making it the Sperry Authentic Original boat shoe. The production then increase when the U.S Navy want to manufacture the shoe for its sailor at the United States Naval Academy. This made Sperry sold the brand to the U.S Rubber Co. in 1940. In the present day the CEO of Wolverine World Wide CEO Blake Kruger appointed Tom Kennedy as the Brand President. In the 1980 through early 1990 and then returning in the late 2000s, boat shoe is worn casually as an everyday look by both men and women. Besides adult, children also wearing it, accompanying a low-cut socks, ankle socks, and crew in white and many other bright neon and pastel colors.

When choosing boat shoe the most important part is considering the size, because comfort is the forte of this design. Here is some tips:
1. When you are standing up, make sure there is half an inch between your big toe and the top of the shoes.
2. The ball of your foot have to seat neatly into the widest part of the shoe.
3. Try walking with the shoe on to see if there is any gaps or tightness.

When wearing boat shoe, you might want to avoid these things:
1. Do not wear a boat shoe in the winter. Boat shoe is commonly worn in spring and summer, when the weather is good. Once autumn comes it not suitable anymore to wear boat shoe.
2. For adults, wearing a boat shoe with a visible socks is not recommended.

Sperry BluefishSperry Angelfish
- Sperry bluefish is clearly designed as a pair of boat shoes- Sperry angelfish is designed to be more like a pair of slip on or loafers
- It provides much coverage on the top front part- The coverage is minimal, the leg opening is pretty wide
- Sperry bluefish is made from leather construction with rubber sole, and available in linen/oat, tan, and brown deer skin- It was constructed from leather and rubber sole. It only available in two colors, linen/oat and black

3. Do not wear a boat shoe when wearing a tuxedo or suit. Boat shoe is not created for formal occasions.
The difference between Sperry Bluefish and Sperry Angelfish is already mentioned above. Choosing between both of them only rely on your personal taste. Both of them are equally good and build with the same fine quality. Hence, the best shoe is the one which fit your feet and taste the most.

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