Boxers vs Underwear

The days of simple, straightforward men’s underwear have long gone. Today, men’s underwear choices are probably still less vast compared to women’s innerwear range, but there are still many styles, fabrics, and designs to choose from. People sometimes get confused between boxers vs underwear. What is the difference? Which one is better?

Continue reading below to understand better about
– The differences of boxers and underwear,
– The pros and cons of boxers vs underwear, and
– Which one that is generally better for men.

What are Boxers?
Boxers are a type of men’s underwear. Boxers are loose-fitting underwear with legs that cover the upper thighs. Usually, boxers have a front fly for an easy exit route. Boxers are available in various colors and patterns. There are boxers with simple plain colors, simple patterns, and images. Take a look at our previous post Boxers vs Briefs as well!

Pros and Cons of Boxers
Boxers are loose and highly breathable. They are much more breathable than other types of men’s underwear. As the effect, they are generally the most comfortable. The breathability of boxers is also beneficial for your testicles’ health and can increase your sperm quality and quantity, according WebMD. The loose fit doesn’t apply pressure to the thighs, so your thighs won’t get sore.

Boxers provide enough coverage to be worn alone. You can answer the door with just boxers to cover your lower body. You can’t do the same with other types of underwear. Finally, boxers are generally more durable than other types of underwear; they can last for a long time.

However, boxers tend to bunch when worn under other clothing, so they are not suitable for skinny jeans and trim-cut pants. Boxers provide no support at all. Your package may dangle in boxers. Boxers are not suitable for physical activities.

When to Wear Boxers
Boxers are suitable for casual everyday wear, relaxing, and sleeping. You can wear boxers under baggy pants and pajamas. You should also wear boxers when you want to improve your sperm quality and quantity.

About Underwear
“Underwear” is actually a broad term that encompasses several types of undergarment. The most common one is the briefs, which are standard triangular underwear that provide full coverage on the front and back. Briefs are quite versatile, suitable for various purposes. Briefs can give good support and prevent dangling. Briefs are ideal for most pants. However, briefs are less comfortable than boxers, and they may reduce your sperm quality and quantity.

There are also boxer briefs, which are like boxers but much shorter and tighter. They have more support and little to no bunching. Great for gym shorts and most pants, but may be less comfortable than briefs when sitting.

Trunks are even smaller and tighter than boxer briefs. Trunks have a square cut appearance. They are compatible with all pants, but the tightness may accentuate portly figures. Meanwhile, jockstraps provide complete frontal support and protection, yet with minimal coverage. Jockstraps are suitable for rigorous sports, hiking, camping, or just improving ventilation.

Boxers vs Underwear

- A type of loose-fitting underwear that covers the upper thighs- A broad group of undergarment to cover the front and/or rear
- Provides sufficient coverage to be worn alone- Provides less coverage
- A lot more breathable, can maintain testicle health- Less breathable
- Suitable for relaxing, sleeping, baggy trousers, pajamas- Suitable for formal occasions and sports

Boxers should be your choice at home. They are the most breathable and comfortable. They also help to maintain your testicles’ health. However, for formal occasions and sports, you should choose other underwear that can give support without bunching.

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