Bra vs Bikini

Among those many bra-like garments, some of us might be still confused on how to differentiate bra and bikini. Some of them are rather similar to each other and some may not. Many women feel uncomfortable when wearing bra without shirt because they feel it is not appropriate and too revealing, while they may not feel the same when wearing bikini. Even though the skin exposed is rather equal if not more. It is because bikini is not an undergarment, it is a swimwear, so you don’t have to cover it. This is just small differences between them. In this article we will try to explain the other differences between bra and bikini.

Bra is the short term for brassiere, it is a piece of undergarment in a form-fit shape which made to cover and give support to the women breasts. Bra has a long history, in the 14th century wealthier women in western world are using an undergarments named corset. Corset have a purpose to push the breast upside to form a shape. Later in the 19th century women began experimenting on various alternatives for example splitting the corset into a girdle like restraining device for the lower torso and transferring the upper part to devices suspended from the shoulder. At that time bra began to replace corset to support women breasts. A garments similar to bra we know these days first emerged in the 20th century, but the mass production of them are not yet launched until 1930. It may be the effect of the metal shortage occurs in World War II which made corset have to be put to an end. After the war ended all the fashion conscious woman across Europe is wearing bras. After that bras began adopted by women across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The industry itself begin to be dominated by multi billion dollars company in the 20th century. There are so many type of bra being marketed today, some of them are, adhesive, athletic, backless, balconette, bandeau, bralette, built-in, bullet, contour, convertible, cupless, demi cup, front closure and so many others. (See also : Bra vs Bralette)

Benefit of bra:
1. It can distribute the weight of your breasts to your shoulder and waist, especially in women with larger breasts.
2. It can shape your breasts into more appropriate form.
3. It can be used make your breast appear larger, if you wished to.
4. It can increase the cleavage. Some clothes will appear more flattering when you wear some type of bra.

Bikini is woman bathing suit, it consist of bra top for the upper body and an underwear cut below the navel. The size of bikini bottom is vary from full pelvic coverage, to a more revealing thong or G-string design. The term bikini was taken from its first designer, Louis Reard a Parisian designer in 1946. He named the swimsuit after Bikini Atoll, where a nuclear bomb testing was taken place. At the same year another Parisian designer named Jacques Heim re-released a similar design called Atome. Due to its too revealing design, bikini was banned from beach and public places. It was not until film stars Brigitte Bardot, Raquel Welch, Ursula Andress and many others began to wear bikini in public beaches and on films when the bikini become a part of popular culture. The design became common in the mid-1960s as swimwear, underwear, and beachwear in most Western countries. Not long after that, bikini became a common sportswear for example in beach volleyball and bodybuilding. Bikini has many major styles, here is some of them.

Bikini style:
1. Bandeaukini, is a bandeau top which has no straps going over the shoulder worn with any bikini bottom.
2. Microkini, this type of bikini only use enough fabric to cover the genitals and the nipples.
3. Monokini, this is equivalent to wearing only bikini bottom.
4. Skirtini, consist of bikini top and a small skirted bottom.
5. Sling bikini, a one piece swimsuit which resembles a bikini bottom with a straps upwards to cover the breasts and go over the shoulders.

When choosing bikini it is advised to think about your body shape, since different kind of bikini will complement different kind of body. When choosing a bikini ask you friends or partners to give their opinion about it, since many people will see it, it will be wise to ask for a second opinion.

- Bra is women undergarments made for supporting the breast- Bikini is a swimsuit
- Bra is one piece of garment- Usually bikini consist of bikini upper and bikini bottom except in monokini
- Bra can be made from softer and thinner material- Bikini is made from a thicker material
- Bra have adjustable straps and metal hook-and-eye closures in the back- Bikini are commonly tied at the back or at the neck or plastic hook on the back band fitting into a loop at the other side of the band
- Bra is made out of moisture absorbing fabrics like cotton- Bikini is made from stretchy fabrics designed to dry quickly
- Bra is available in many cup sizes- Bikini come in free sizes because they are stretch and adjust according to body

Bra and bikini is two different type of garments and was made with different purpose, the one is required as undergarments while the other one is a swimwear. In other words, bra is not made to be shown off to other people, unlike bikini which is worn not as undergarments. Both of them are not interchangeably, normally you are not wearing bra when sun tanning at a beach and you do not wear a bikini with an evening dress.

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