Bra vs Bralette

Bra or brassiere is a piece of undergarments designed to support and cover the wearer’s breasts. Bra have a complex structure made of many parts. Most bras comes in 36 sizes, the standards and methods of measurements may vary across region. It is said up to 85% of woman may be wearing the wrong size. The term brassiere was first listed in Oxford English Dictionary by the 1911. The other option to bra is bralette, it has an appearance similar to bra, but it have different purpose. In this article we will explain how bra and bralette is different.

The history of bra itself date back to ancient Greece. Woman at that time wore an apodesmos, later stethodesme, mastodesmos and mastodeston, all those words means “breast-band”, it was made from a band of wool or linen that was wrapped across the breasts and tied or pinned at the back. The main benefit of wearing bra is to spread the weight of the breasts onto the shoulders and waist area. When bra is properly fitted, about 80% of the breasts weight is carried by the band, and the remainder by the shoulders. While wearing bra which fit poorly, may cause most of the weight is on the shoulders. Since choosing the right bra is very important, here is a few tips on selecting your perfect bra:

How to select bra:
1. Measure your size first before going to shop. Bra size may change from years to years, make sure to get the latest measurements.
2. Wear a T-shirt when shopping for a new bra, so you will be able to see what the bra looks like underneath.
3. Try the bra before buying it. Lean halfway forward, swoop and scoop the breast into the cups then fasten the back. Then you have to stand up and adjust the strap to ensure it is the perfect fit for you.

Other reasons why women wear a bra is:
1. To hide their nipples, many people thinks it is not appropriate when the nipples is plaster and shown through the garments texture.
2. Delay sagging, some women believe wearing bra can keep the shape of their breasts.
3. Prevent bouncing, when the breast is bumping against each other and bouncing up and down it will cause discomfort and often painful
4. It can enhance the cleavage for fashion purpose.
5. It can control the sweating under the bust.

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Bralette is bra made without wires and molded cups. It is pretty similar to sport bra minus the ability to hold up the breast. However they still able to provide a support for small to average breasted woman. Bralette usually have a thin and lacy straps similar to regular bra. It was commonly made from microfiber, lace, or a cotton blend. Bralette was considered a “child bra” in previous years, but in the recent fashion many women are fighting back, they are refusing to remain uncomfortable in badly fitted padded bras with slipping straps and large gaping cups. Since bralette are made to have a tighter fitting than traditional bra, it can give the breast its natural shape. The lack of underwire might be the reason that make bralette feel more comfortable when being worn compared to traditional bra. The sizing in bralette is different from bra, they are often comes in extra small or small to large or extra-large. The main purpose of wearing bralette is commonly for fashion, compare to bra, bralette have lots of beautiful design and more flattering. Many women wore bralette to show it off through their shirts or peeks out from the top or back of their dress. This can’t be performed when wearing bra, since in a fashion-sense bra is undergarments and worn not to be visible to other people. But there are also people who wear bralette because it is more comfortable for them.

Other reasons why women wear bralettes:
1. Since bralette is made out with less fabric than regular bara, the price tend to be cheaper.
2. Comfort, some woman feels more comfortable wearing bralette compare than wearing regular bra.
3. Wearing a bralette in a hot weather will feels airy and lighter than regular bra.
4. When women are on their period, their breast tends to hurts, wearing bralette when sleeping is claimed to be a good option.

Also, here is some tips when choosing bralette for you:
1. It is advised to buy bralette in store and not online, since you have to try it on first to see how it fit.
2. Black is a safe option, black look good on everyone.
3. It has many designs, you can get creative with it.
4. Check the band, choose the sturdy and elastic one.

- It has cup and wire underneath it garments- It is not made with cup and wire inside the garments
- It main purpose is to provide support for breast and distribute its weight evenly between back and waist- The main purpose of bralette is for fashion
- It can shape and lift the breast into more appropriate form- It can’t give support and lift like bra does
- It can be used to increase cleavage and making the breast look bigger- It is not suitable for people with larger breasts

Unlike bra, bralette is not worn to shape and support the breasts. Like what have been written above, bralette may not suitable for people with larger breast size, since it will not provide the support and lift like bra does. However people with smaller breast will look more flattering when wearing bralette, because they do not need much support for their breast and their breast will appear in a more natural shape.

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