Coat vs Jacket

Many people are confusing Coat as Jacket and vice versa. Both of them are indeed similar in some aspects but the term shouldn’t be used interchangeably. Here in this article we will give you information on how to differentiate both Coat and Jacket.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Coat and Jacket
– How to Choose Winter Coat
– How to Pair and Choose Jeans Jacket
– Coat vs Jacket

About Coat
Coat is a garment that is worn by both gender, they can be worn for fashion or to warm their body against the cold weather. In general coats has long sleeves and are open down at the front and can have buttons, zippers, hook and loop fasteners, toggles, a belt or the combination of those closings. Some types of coat also has collars, shoulder straps and hoods.

It is known that Persian are the one who made coats. In medieval era, coat has shorter length, fit to the waist and buttoned up at the front and has full skirts in its essentials, coat also only worn by men at that time. Coat lengths are getting longer by the 18th century and begun to replace capes and cloak as outerwear. By the early 19th century coats are divided into under coats and overcoats. The undercoats are the coat that worn inside the coat. However, as time goes by the term for undercoats disappear and until now the term coat only used to refer the overcoats.

Overcoats is the type of coat that was intended to be worn as the outermost garments and the length may be extended to below the knee. Overcoat are commonly worn in winter to protect the body from the cold weather. The term overcoat also commonly confused with topcoat, which is slightly shorter than overcoat and commonly made from lighter weight cloth like gabardine or covert while overcoats are made from heavier cloth or fur.

Tips on Choosing Coat
Since coats are essential for winters, here are some tips to choose your winter coats.
– Read the label carefully, choose the wool material and avoid nylon and spandex material, since it won’t be able to keep you warm in snow storm and it also makes your sweat stink very badly.
– When choosing your winter coat, make sure the coat is big enough to have layers underneath it. Check not only the torso but also the underarm, so you will be comfortable when wearing it and not feel restricted.
– Make sure the coat you are choosing have pockets. Pockets is important, since you are looking for a coat to warm your body, pocket is essential to tuck your hand inside to avoid numbness when you go outside.

About Jacket
Jacket is the piece of garments, which length is only until mid-stomach. Jacket commonly has sleeves and you can fasten it in the front or slightly on the side. Jacket is another form of coat that was made from lighter material, has tighter fitting and not as warm as coat. Commonly jacket are worn as fashion item, but it can be worn as protective clothing as well. The word jacket we use now was actually was derived from French word jaquettethat comes from the Middle French noun jaquet used to refer a small or lightweight tunic. In Modern France now the jaquetteuse to refer the present day jacket we know today. In American English speakers, the word jacket and coat sometimes can be used interchangeably.

There so many types of jackets, the most popular in recent years is the Bomber jacket or also called Flight jacket. This type of jacket are first worn by Military Pilots and then the popularity spread until it becomes another fashion item. Leather jacket also have been popular since long time ago. Leather jackets was commonly worn by motorcyclists, cowboys, and military aviators, but now the fashion has spread into the mass and becomes another fashion item. If you are interested you can read our other article about Jacket vs Parka here.

Another type of jacket that has been popular since decades ago and still being worn today is the jeans jacket. The jacket was first introduced in United States since the late 19th century and has been popular ever since. Jeans jacket are worn regardless gender and was described as an iconic element of American fashion.

How to Pair Jeans Jacket
Here is some tips to pull out that trendy jeans jacket. For men, the most versatile look is by pairing a blue jeans jacket with black jeans. You can wear a slim fit jeans, white t-shirt, with a blue jeans jacket and then you are ready to go. When the weather is cold, you can pair sheepskin jeans jacket with other warm items to make you not only look good but also warm. Other style is the double jeans look, you can pair slightly same shade jeans trousers with jeans jacket and white t-shirt under it.

For women, the options are limitless, we are going to give few recommendations on how to choose the best color for each hair color. For those with dark hair, the most flattering jeans is the dark wash denim or bright light wash. For those with blonde hair and lighter brow and eyelashes, the most flattering is lighter to mid-tone wash, while darker eyebrows better choose the darker shade as well. For those with strawberry blonde, a light to mid tone is the best, while the brighter or deeper red should choose the deeper tone as well.

Coat vs Jacket

- The length is longer and may reach under the knee area- The length commonly only about mid-stomach
- Made from heavy weight material or fur- Made from lighter weight of various materials
- The item is warming and commonly worn in winter days- The item is not as warming as coat

When choosing between both of Coat and Jacket, it only depends on your fashion taste, what kind of look you want to have and the weather. If its winter, coat will be better for you, since it is warming. While in other season, you can look casual and trendy in Jacket.

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