Covergirl vs Maybelline

CoverGirl and Maybelline are the brands which is already familiar in our ears. Many of us might have using their products already, since they are very famous and have a wide range of quality products. Some of us may be prefer one over the other, because it suit our skin better. And some people may use both of their products and combining it with other brands cosmetics. It is not strange since people have their own preference. In this article we will give you an information about CoverGirl and their greatest competitors Maybelline.

Covergirl is an American based cosmetics company founded in Maryland by Noxzema Chemical Company which is now known by Noxell Corporation. The company then acquired by Procter & Gamble in 1989 and acquired by Coty, Inc. in 2016. The Noxell Company did a campaign to promote its cosmetics line by allowing “cover girls”, fashion models, actresses, and singers who appear in front cover of magazines to use its products. By now CoverGirl provides a wide variety of consumer-grade cosmetics. CoverGirl begin its journey to a popular products start from 1963, when the company contracted Jennifer O’Neill as their spokeswoman at the age of fifteen, she appear in both television and print advertisements that year. Her unprecedented thirty year of endorsement finally making CoverGirl into the top selling makeup line in the country.

CoverGirl first introduced its product line in 1961 as Clean Makeup and was nominated as America’s best cosmetic brand. They originally only offer six product, and was being advertised as “medicated face makeup” since it contains Noxzema medicated ingredients such as, camphor, menthol, and eucalyptus. The sales begin surging when in the 1985 the company contracted Christie Brinkley as their advertisement icon. In 1997, CoverGirl launched it slogan which is still used until now “easy, breezy, beautiful…” this slogan represents their product which propose the idea of natural look. This lead to increasing sales and a larger audience of teenage girl was effectively targeted. CoverGirl also do more than just advertising by launching a charity campaign named “Clean Makeup for Clean Water” this campaign is aimed toward providing clean drinking water to places and people who need them. Because of this campaign, CoverGirl has donated $500.000 to the program, which provides 50 million liters of drinking water to children across the world. The actresses that have been endorsed by CoverGirl are Tyra Banks, Carrie Tivador, Katy Perry, Brandy, Molly Sis, Faith Hill, Queen Latifah, Rihanna, Keri Kursell, Taylor Swift, Dania Ramirez, Drew Barrymore, Paula Patton, Jessica Stam, Sofia Vergara, Pink, Janelle Monae, Nervo, Becky G, Zendaya, Eva Pigford, Naima Maora, Nicole Linkletter, Danielle Evans, CariDee English, Jaslene Gonzalez, SaleishaStowers, and many more.

Maybelline is an American based cosmetics manufacturer and is a subsidiary of French cosmetics L’Oreal. The brand products is currently being sold worldwide and targeting the same audience as CoverGirl. Maybelline was first founded by a 19 year old entrepreneur named Thomas Lyle Williams back in the 1915. The idea was first came when William saw her sister Mabel applying a mixture of Vaseline and coal dust to make her eyelashes look fuller. He then remake the mixture with a chemistry set and sold the product locally by giving it a name Lash-Brow-Ine. He then renamed it into Maybelline to thank his sister who gave him the idea.

In the 1917 the company released Maybelline cake Mascara and in 1960 they released Ultra Lash Line, which was the first mass-market automatic. The company is sold to Williams to Plough in 1967 and the company was moved from Chicago to Memphis. In 1990 the company is sold again to a New York investment Wasserstein Perella& Co. and was acquired by L’oreal in 1996. When the headquarters is moved to New York the makeup factory is moved to Brooklyn in 2000. Maybelline gains it popularity since they hired Lynda Carter as the Company’s beauty coordinator. Many other artistes have been endorsed by Maybelline, such as Josie Maran, Miranda Kerr, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Melina Kanakaredes, Zhang Ziyi, SitiNurhaliza, FashaSandha, SheetalMallar, Julia Stegner, Jessica White, Kristin Davis, and the most recent are Adriana Lima, Kemp Muhl, Emily DiDonato, Beatriz Shantal, Jourdan Dunn and Gigi Hadid.

- Founded later than Maybelline- Founded earlier since 1915
- Not as popular as Maybelline around the world- It is sold worldwide and have brand recognition from across the world
- Have a good reputations among public- In the U.S the product have somehow a lesser good reputation if compare to CoverGirl

CoverGirl and Maybelline is two different companies making similar products. When it is about cosmetics not all people can have similarities, our skin is very complex which makes it hard to choose which one is the most suitable product to be applied on our skin. However it is not impossible if the product is good enough, it can suit many people. Both CoverGirl and Maybelline have those products. When choosing the right cosmetics to our skin there is no better way than trying it one by one to see how our skin reacts to the product, but do not forget to take your skin condition into consideration.

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