Creamey Shadow vs Powder Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is belong to many women essential, they are applied to make the eyes look more beautiful and to give dimension into the wearer’s eyes. If you are still new to the makeup world, you have to know that eye shadow come in various variants. In this article we will specifically talk about two of them, which are cream eye shadow and powder eye shadow.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is eye shadow
– What is cream eyeshadow and powder eyeshadow
– How to apply eyeshadow
– Cream eyeshadow vs Powder eyeshadow

About Eyeshadow
Taken from Wikipedia, eye shadow is a cosmetic that was made to be applied on the eyelids and under eyebrow. The purpose of eye shadow is to make the eye stand out and look more attractive. Eyeshadow is applied to add more depth and make the eye looks like it has somehow more dimensions. It able to complement the wearer’s eye color, make the eyes look larger or just by simply attract more attention into the eyes.

In most civilization across the world, eyeshadow users are dominant by women. However in some fashion, such as Gothic fashion, black or darker shades eye shadows and other types of eye makeup are being popular regardless of gender. Most women wear eye shadow simply to attract more attention into their eyes, but there are also people who put eyeshadow to conceal unwanted colors in their eyelids. (You can read also comparison between Eyeshadow vs Eyeliner)

Eye shadow commonly can be applied using brush or using bare fingers. It is depend on the formula of the eye shadow and what kind of look or finish you want to have. Like we already know, the most important thing when applying eye shadow is the blending technique. Eyeshadow have to be blend well to give the best result, yes it usually takes time blending eyeshadow, but this part is necessary to get the best result.

When using eye shadow it is recommended to apply eye primer first to avoid the possibility of creases in your eye shadow. Eye shadow is commonly removed by using makeup remover, cleansing cream, or cleansing oil. What you have to take a note is use the gentle cleanser to remove eye shadow, since eye area is sensitive. Some people also utilize baby oil to remove their eye make up, or you can use the simple make up wipes.

Like it have been said above, eye shadow have several types among them. In this article we will particularly talk about the cream eye shadow and powder eye shadow.

About Cream Eyeshadow
Cream eye shadow is an eye shadow, which made from cream-based ones. Cream eye shadow usually comes in a pot, but it also can be found in pans, tubes, or in a stick form as well. Many people wear this type of eye shadow because it has shimmery finish and also has a long wearing formula. However some people also found that wearing cream eyeshadow have a tendency to crease later. It is recommended not to wear cream based eye shadow in hot weather, if you use cream eyeshadow in a hot weather, since they are not water proof your eyeshadow will melt.

Most people love cream eye shadow because its blend ability. You can blend two or more cream eyeshadow to create a dramatic look. When using cream eye shadow, use a larger shader brushes and specifically synthetic, because they will allow you to pick and pack it into your eyelids with ease. Aside from the, you can also put your eyeshadow using your fingers. What you have to remember is do not drag the eye shadow, use a small tapping movement to pack the color.

About Powder Eyeshadow
Powder eye shadow is the most common type of eye shadow. Most of us have at least one of them in our makeup drawer. Powder eyeshadow is best for makeup beginners to start with, since it was the easiest to blend among all type of eye shadow. Powder eye shadow comes in a compressed form in individual pans, but commonly eyeshadow is packed in a palette containing 2 or more different color.

Powder eye shadow have varieties of different finish, they may come in matte finish, shimmer finish, and metallic finish. The one thing you have to remember when wearing eye shadow is you must never rub your eye. When applying eye shadow use brush to gently pack the color and blend them well into your eyelids.

Creamey Shadow vs Powder Eyeshadow

Creamey ShadowPowder Eyeshadow
- Commonly have shimmer finish- Have matte, shimmer, and metalic
- Consistency is cream-like- The consistency is powdery
- It is harder to blend than powder eyeshadow- It is easier to blend than cream eyeshadow

When choosing whether you want to wear cream eye shadow or powder eye shadow, it is best to follow your own style and preference. People have their own taste when it comes to fashion. You can wear anything you like and choose which one can represent yourself better. Aside from that you may also choose them based on their performance and final look. Cream eyeshadow commonly come in shimmery color, so if you want a more dramatic look you can choose cream based eyeshadow and if you want to have more simple look, you can opt for powder eye shadow.

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