Demi Bra vs Push up Bra

The main purpose of bra is to distribute the weight of the breast evenly between shoulders and waist area, so women can be more comfortable. If bras does not fit properly it can cause headache and pain in the shoulders. The other purpose is to improve the appearance of clothes and body, it can gives a proper shape and may help to fit into some clothes. Wearing a bra also promote a better posture to maintain the back bone. These days bra are not worn only to give some health benefits, but also become a fashion item and a symbol of womanhood. Demi bra and push up bra are some option when it comes to fashion bra, these two type of bra offers similar benefit but also different, here are some brief information on both of them.

Bras was first invented in the 14th century BC during the Minoan Civilization era. From that time onward the undergarments of many wealthy worn in the western world were dominated by corset, which made to pushed the breast upward. Later in the 19th century the corset then replaced by bras made to support women breasts. The first commercially produced bras happened in the 1930. This movement were encouraged by the shortage of metal caused by the World War II, at that time women began to leave corset behind and women start to wear camisoles and some even go without wearing bra. After the war ended a lot of women start to wear bra in Europe and North America. Not long after that the bra was the adopted by women in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. During 20th century fashion bra is in a great emphasize when multibillion-dollar industry start producing them.

Demi Bra
Demi bra is a bra which has a half-cup versions of the commonly full coverage bra. They are usually cut one inch above the nipples and was made shorter and has a shallow underwire that are more comfortable worn by people with a diminutive breast sizes. Cutting the coverage is not only the main feature in demi bra but it also made with a slight inward tilt that pushes the breasts closer together and upward, giving the person who wear it a more cleavage. Demi cups bra are suitable for women with an A or B cup, women with a full and larger breast are not recommended to wear demi bra since the breast may spill from the cup and will give a “double boob” appearance. Demi bra is good to pair with clothes with a cleavage baring, and is not suitable for a prim and proper look. You may look good wearing a square, wide or scoop neckline and it won’t look good on a low cut top. Because the bra only cover half of the breasts and it is not suitable if you are doing a full coverage look.

Push up Bra
Push up bra is a fashion bra which is created to make the breasts appear to be larger and increased the cleavage. This type of bra use an angled cups contains padding that pushes the breast inward and upward toward the center of the chest. Push up bra is beneficial for small breast size and large size, it is not only wear to uplift the breast but also make the breast appear larger. Push up bra is not only worn to enhance the breast but also giving it a natural look and a proper breast size. When worn by women with a larger breast size it also can provide a more support than regular bra since it also has an extra padding. This type of bra is a good choice for special occasion such as parties because it will make a great seductive appearance. There are three level available when choosing a push up bra, level one provides a subtly lift. And does not do much in increasing the breast size. Level two is great for enhancing breast size so does level three, the more level the more effective the bras to enhance the breasts size.

Both of demi bra and push up bra provides the same benefit which is to make the women breast appear more properly. These bras can enhance the bustline and maximize the cleavage. The most noticeable difference between demi bra and a push up bra may lay on the coverage, demi bra like we already know only provides about a three quarters of the breast while push up bra provide a bit more coverage for the breasts. In the final result demi bra provides a more rounded and natural look. The demi bra is suitable for wearing an under-low cut tops, since the cups and straps are less likely to peek out. The most important thing when choosing bra is still determining the breast size, if it is too big or too small it will be uncomfortable to wear.

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