Dinner Jacket vs Blazers

Many people are finding it difficult to differentiate Dinner Jacket and Blazers. Even though they are clearly worn at different occasion and has different ambiance about them. If you find it difficult to separate them, you can read our article below to help you know more about them.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Dinner Jacket and Blazers
– What is the characteristic of Dinner Jacket and Blazers
– Dinner Jacket vs Blazers

About Dinner Jacket
Dinner jacket are one among types of jacket worn by men to attend a formal event in the evening. The term is commonly mislead with the formal version set of suit Tuxedo. Dinner jacket have no tails and commonly worn with bow tie and has satin or grosgrain lapel facings. Dinner jacket is the more casual version of Tuxedo and is worn to a formal occasion, which tends to be more social or semi-formal evening events. For more casual look, you can swap the standard look with varieties of accessories, color or patterns.

Diner jacket is available in many versions, the color can be white, red or other color and the material also varies from the standard wool to even the luxury velvet options. Velvet dinner jacket will give you the charismatic appearance but the price may not in everybody’s range. Other popular dinner jacket is the cream or broken white Dinner Jacket that was popularized by James Bond character.

Another option is Blue Dinner Jacket that will create a fashionable and sharp appearance. To get a smart look, you can pair a blue dinner jacket with matching trouser, but if you want more relaxed feel, you can opt for black trousers instead. If you aim for the modern one, you can try the patterned dinner jacket. You can choose jacquard or brocade design in classic colors to have a subtle look and chose check or print for bolder appearance. If you are interested, you can read our article about Dinner Jacket vs Tuxedo here.

Before choosing what kind of appearance you want to have, you should choose your jacket first. Among the variants, you can pick the standard single breasted style or bolder double breasted design. You can also pick between a peaked or shawl style. After you choose your Jacket, now it is time to choose the formal shirt. The correct shirt is the white formal shirt, you can choose the one with a pleated or bib front shirt with double or French cuffs. If you prefer contemporary aesthetic, you can choose a plain front dress shirt and you may also want to choose the type of buttons and placket. The next is to choose trousers, the traditional type is the high waist trousers, so it will sit correctly with cummerbund or waistcoat.

About Blazers
Blazer is the type of jacket that was made resembling the suit jacket but made to be more casual. Blazers commonly has naval-style metal to reflect their origin as Jacket that was once used by boating club members. Blazers can be worn by men and women nowadays, they can be paired with several of other clothes, such as dress shirt and necktie to open necked polo shirt or plain t-shirt. Blazers that comes in a wide range of colors are worn as part of school uniform across the Commonwealth, but now it also worn in several Asian Countries.

Here is the technical definition on how you should identify a blazer:
– It is a stand-alone jacket that worn with contrasting color/pattern/material trousers.
– Comes in solid color or bold stripes.
– May comes in contrasting piping/braiding/trim.
– May be double breasted or single breasted
– Commonly, the button are made of contrasting mother of pearl, silver, pewter, brass etc.
– Commonly made of navy blue serge; hopsack, worsted or wool flannel.

Blazers are very versatile, the item can be worn in formal, semi-formal and casual events. Here are some tips to dress your Blazers:
– For men, you can wear Blazer to formal events, when paired with dress shirt and tie. For formal events we recommend the black blazers to avoid making you look frumpy.
– For women, you can try matching your white blazers with white blouse underneath and black trouser to achieve a professional look.
– For men, you can wear blazer with a v neck t-shirt to look more casual. The style has a distinctly chick into it and is suitable for social themed occasion.
– For women to appear comfy and chic, you can pair a blazer with boyfriend’s jeans, striped sweater and funky hi-top sneakers.

Dinner Jacket vs Blazers

Dinner JacketBlazers
- Is a type of men jacket worn to attend night formal invitation that have social ambiance- Is a type of jacket that formerly worn by the men boating club member, but now are worn regardless gender
- The lapels facing are made from different material, such as satin and grosgrain- The lapels are made of the same material as the jacket
- Only worn with dress shirt underneath- Can be worn with different kind of clothes underneath

Both of Dinner Jacket and Blazer sure does look quite similar. They may come in various color, checkered and pattern. They also have similar shape and can be paired with more than one kind of trousers. The easiest way to differentiate them is by looking at the lapel. Dinner jacket lapel are satin or grosgrain, while blazers lapels are made from the same material as the jacket. Another difference is that blazer commonly has distinctive buttons that reflect their origin, while Dinner jackets are not. Dinner jacket are worn to attend night formal invitations which tend to have social taste, while blazer can be worn as formal office attire or as casual fashion item.

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