Dinner Jacket vs Tuxedo

Dinner jacket and Tuxedo has been debated by many people whether they are actually the same piece of clothing or not. Some people gave their opinion that they are the same thing but some others think different. This is why today we are going to give you more information regarding both of Dinner Jacket and Tuxedo.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Dinner Jacket and Tuxedo
– How to wear dinner jacket and Tuxedo
– The Difference between dinner jacket and Tuxedo
– Dinner Jacket vs Tuxedo

About Dinner Jacket
Dinner jacket is one among those variants of suit that you want to opt when attending a formal evening invitation. Many people are confused about what to wear when attending such occasion, especially if one is not used to. Attending this kind of invitation means that you have to leave all your casual clothes behind and out of your comfort zone.

How to wear Dinner Jacket
If your invitation doesn’t specify “black tie” then you can dress with more ease. However it doesn’t mean that you can dress carelessly. Let’s take an example with the Blue Dinner Suit, this color will be great when combined with a pair of black trousers. If your invitation dress code is more relaxed, you can also play around a little with the color option. You can also wear either waistcoat or lose the waist coating together if you are going to attend less formal event.

Other recommendation is the White Dinner Jacket, to mimics the James Bond look you can pair the white jacket with a black pair of trousers, you also may add a black cummerbund and bow tie. In alternative you can choose for a white trousers and a neck scarf to create a far more modern look. Another choice is to wear a black dinner jacket with trousers that was made with alternate fabrics.

Things you need to pay attention when wearing dinner jacket is not to wear notched lapel with a dinner jacket because it will contrast the formal color of the garments. Unlike Tuxedo, the lapels of dinner jacket are not faced with silk but made with the same material. A characteristic of dinner jacket is that it has 2 and some has until 4 buttons, different from common double breasted suit which have 6 buttons.

The difference between tuxedo and dinner jacket is mainly located at the color of the suit as it have been mentioned above. Tuxedo is referred to the complete set of matching black jacket and trousers that typically has satin trim on the lapel of the jacket and on the side of the trousers. If your invitation said “black tie” then it means you have to wear a Tuxedo. In the other side, dinner jacket has more variety of colors, this kind of suit is most suitable to attend a formal event that are social in character. Aside from the various color, dinner jacket may also come in patterns.

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About Tuxedo
Taken from Wikipedia, Tuxedo is a semi-formal evening suit that is easy to distinguish, thanks to its satin or grosgrain facings on the jackets lapels and buttons, it also has a similar stripe along the outseam of the trousers. Tuxedo are essentially a ready to wear garment made in specific size and standard sizes. This suit can be purchased or rented from apparel store at a moment notice.

How to wear Tuxedo
If the occasion that you are going to attend is specifically stated “black tie”, you have to follow the direction. If the dress code has been specify, this is actually will ease your process in choosing the correct attire. The first most important to choose a Tuxedo is it have to be black or midnight blue, because aside from those two your suit will be categorized as dinner suit. Second is, you have to buy it, it is highly advised to get your own Tuxedo so it will be your perfect fit.

Third is you have to wear it with a real bow tie and avoid wearing phony ones at all cost for best appearance. Fourth is you have to wear your cummerbund with its pleats facing up. Fifth is you might want to use French cuffs. Sixth is you have to wear a knee length black socks, this is the most common and the standard look that one have to follow. The last rule is you have to wear your Tuxedo with a shiny shoes.

Dinner Jacket vs Tuxedo

Dinner JacketTuxedo
- Comes in various colors and pattern except black and dark blue- Comes only in black and dark blue color
- Is worn in formal event with social character in it- Worn in formal event when “black tie” is stated as the dress code
- Dinner jacket has two or four buttons- Tuxedo generally has single button

We can see clearly what differ a Tuxedo and a dinner jacket, to sum it up Tuxedo is the black tie suit and dinner jacket is the more casual and colorful ones, which is suitable for more casual events, which is the opposite of the more formal Tuxedo. Choosing between both of them only rely on what kind of invitation you are going to attend.

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