Eyebrows Powder vs Pencil

Since there are so many eyebrow product out there in the market, we tend to confuse which one is the right product for us. Some of eyebrow product available today is eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, eyebrow gel, and pomade. In this article we will talk about the difference between eyebrow powder and eyebrow pencil. You can see their difference only by look. But in this article we will give you additional information regarding eyebrow powder and eyebrow pencil.

Women has a long history when it comes to cosmetics. It is said that almost in every society on earth have it since at least 6000 years ago. The first evidence is the founding of some red minerals including crayons associated with the emergence of Homo sapiens in Africa. The archeological evidence of cosmetics date back in ancient Egypt and Greece. Early major development of cosmetics was the use of castor oil in ancient Egypt and used as a skin balm or skin creams. Made from beeswax, olive oil, and rosewater. Cosmetics also widely used in ancient Rome even though the people from that time see it as an unnatural thing, woman at that time known to used lead based formula to whiten their skin and they use kohl to line their eyes.

In ancient Egypt both men and women wore makeup for supernatural power. They draw a black line along their eyes, and darkened, arched, and elongate their brows by using a black substance. In the middle ages between 1066 and 1485, women in medieval era plucked and painted their eyebrows in reddish tones. At that time woman fashion is focus on their forehead, so they made their forehead look wider by removing their eyebrows. In the 1920s, woman eyebrows fashion is the needle thin brows, this fashion is inspired by a silent movie queen Clara Bow. Women at that time plucked their eyebrows and draw it with pencil in thin, straight and extended beyond the outer corner of eye. In the 1930s the brow fashion was the curvature brows, it is dark and heavily tweezed brow. In the 1940s the brow fashion is thicker and made to look softer and less severe. In the 1950s the brow fashion is strong brow with high arch. In the 1960s the brow fashion is making bold but natural eyebrows by shaving them off first. In the 1970s the natural brow emerged, it has natural shape with minimum plucking. In 1980s is the era of bushier eyebrows. In the 1990 the brow fashion is exactly the opposite of the previous era, most of them are over plucked and very thin. The recent years brow fashion is getting crafty with brow fillers, and there is also very little plucking.

Eyebrows Powder
Brow powder is a brow cosmetics used to define and fill brow, to make it appear bolder and neater. Just like its name powder brow have a consistency similar to powder, some of the also come in a pressed variants like eye shadow. Brow powder comes in many color to suit human skin and natural hair. It is not clear who first launched powder brow in the market or who invented the product. Some said it might be the ancient Egyptian who created it since at that time they also wear similar thing. Eyebrow powder is best for filling in sparse or light eyebrows. It can create a shadow underneath the hair of the brows, which will make the eyebrows look fuller, more dense and defined. The method to use eyebrow powder is by choosing the right color and the right brush first. You have to choose firm and dense brush, so it can allows you to deposit product in a concise, and targeted way. Apply it by simply sweep on a bit of powder over your arches, refining and layering with the brush until you get your desired shape.

Eyebrows Pencil
Eyebrow pencil is brow cosmetics created to define, filling and shaping the eyebrow. Just like brow powder, eyebrow pencil comes in many different color rang to light brown to black. Eyebrow pencil is said to be made from powder mixed with various ingredients, the final products is usually vary in consistency. Some of them have more creamy texture while the other have harder consistency. Eyebrow pencil good for filling and refining. Many products can fill the brow with color but only eyebrow pencil can give the hair precision no matter what kind of arches people may naturally have. Here is the method to use eyebrow pencil, the precision is the key to applying eyebrow pencil. Be patient when using it because you want to mimic your own brow hair. Use a very light stroke and add the intensity little by little for most realistic outcome. If the pencils have a brush at the other end, use the brush to comb through the brow after you applied the eyebrow pencil.

Eyebrow PowderEyebrow Pencil
- Has a powder consistency- Has a similar consistency to coloring pencil, some may hard, some may creamier
- Usually comes in a tube, pot, or in a pressed variety- Comes in a pencil shape
- Use to fill in sparse or light brow- Use to fill and refining eyebrows

When choosing between both of them there is no better option than trying each one of them. Eyebrow powder and eyebrow pencil can give benefit to different people. Some may prefer eyebrow powder over eyebrow pencil, while the other may feel the exact opposite. There is no rule you have to like both of them equally. What matter is which one between these products best suit your preference.

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