Eyeshadow Primer vs Concealer

Many of us are not born to have a beautiful spotless skin, many of us has some skin condition and it is normal. What we need to do is minimizing the bad effect and little by little trying to cure them if possible. One product that made to cover those imperfection is concealer, which applied before applying makeup. In this article we will compare it with eyeshadow primer, which also applied before putting any makeup in your face.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Eyeshadow Primer and Concealer
– What is the purpose of Eyeshadow Primer and Concealer
– Eyeshadow Primer and Concealer

About Eyeshadow Primer
eyeshadow primer is very similar to face primer, eyeshadow primer is used to help you ensure that your eyeshadow or liquid eyeliner will stay in their place all day long, this product prevent your eyeshadow from creasing in your eyelids and makes it look not as good. Eyeshadow base commonly comes in a liquid formula, which commonly have a gel-like consistency and applied in your eyelids it will melt right away if blended. Read about our article about Eyeshadow base vs Primer here.

The main difference, which separate a face primer and an eyeshadow primer is the formula consistency. Commonly face primer are made with silicon or water based formula, which makes the face smooth to touch and also helps to fill out pores or any skin imperfection that you may have. While eyeshadow primer have a slightly thicker formula and have a slight grip that help your eye makeup last longer.

You can apply eyeshadow primer in two ways, you can apply it using a camouflage brush or with only your fingers. When you decided to apply eyeshadow primer taken from instyle, it is recommended to keep it light, you can use your ring finger to add a thin layer start from your lash line to your brow bone. If you put it too much, it won’t dry properly and will make your eyeshadow or eyeliner wouldn’t set into your eyelids.

You can wear eyeshadow primer with any type of eyeshadow you have. Applying eyeshadow primer into your eyelids will enhance the result of any kind of eyeshadow you are going to wear. It also recommended to use eyeshadow primer if you want to use pencil eyeshadow like Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide on Pencil, to produce a sultry and creamy effect.

Not only to be applied in your eyelids, it also can be used in under eyes and brows too. You can apply eye primer beneath your concealer to prevent it from turning cakey and you can apply it on your eyebrows before applying brow pencil or gel.

About Concealer
Concealer or also called color corrector is one kind of cosmetic, which is used to conceal dark circles, large pores, and some small blemishes that visible on the skin. Concealer has a similar texture to foundation, but it is thicker and mainly used to cover different pigments by blending it to match the skin color surrounding it. The main goal of concealer and foundation and is the same, which is to make the skin color look more uniform.

Since there are more than one type of concealer available, you might want to choose which one will suit your skin better. If you have a dry skin, you should avoid liquid concealer with a matte finish, since it will make your skin dryer. While if you have an oily skin with large pores, you should avoid creamy or stick concealer, since the texture will clog and makes your pores appear larger, moreover they will also add shine toward your oily skin.

Type of Concealer and How to apply them
No matter what kind of concealer you use, the application method is usually the same. For almost every skin type, it is important to prepare your skin first using a moisturizer. For people with oily skin it is better to choose a lightweight liquid or fluid type of moisturizer. Even though concealer are commonly applied before foundation, there are people out there that find applying foundation first then concealer give them better results.

Here is some type of concealers and what are they best for:
• Liquid concealer, best for people with normal, combination, oily, sensitive, and easy to breakout type of skin. The coverage for this type of concealer is buildable and ranging from light to full coverage.
• Stick concealer, best for people with normal, dry and sensitive skin. The coverage for this type of concealer is buildable and ranging from medium to full.
• Cream concealer, best for normal, dry combination, and sensitive skin. The coverage for this type of concealer is buildable and ranging from medium to full coverage.
As it have been explained above, you can see that eyeshadow primer and concealer are clearly different. They are not made to replace each other. Just like its name, eyeshadow primer is applied in your eyelids, while concealer are applied in the rest of your face. Eyeshadow primer main function is to prevent crease happening in your eyeshadow later in the day. While concealer main goal is to mask your skin imperfections. However you will find some people who applied concealer into their eyelids to cover some hyperpigmentation or to make their eyelids color look more even.

Eyeshadow Primer vs Concealer

Eyeshadow PrimerConcealer
- Applied in your eyelids- Applied in face
- The main purpose is to prevent crease- The main purpose is to mask imperfections
- It has no pigments- Commonly has lots of pigments

Eyeshadow primer and concealer is not made to replace each other and both of them are applied in different area and aiming at different goal. We think it is wise to think about your need, before purchasing both of them, because you need to match them with the conditions you have.

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