House Shoes vs Slippers

Have you ever wonder what is the difference between slippers and house shoes? Or this might be the first time you heard the word house shoes? If your answer is yes then you should read this article, because we will tell you the difference between both of them.

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– House Shoes vs Slippers

Shoe is the footwear that you wear to protect and comfort your foot, while you are doing your activities. Aside from its main purpose shoe also collected and worn as fashion items, shoe has so many designs that was developed through time and from culture to another. Shoes are commonly designed depending on its main function.

Traditionally shoes has been made from leather, wood or canvas. But since 2010s, shoes are increasingly made from rubber, plastics, and other petrochemical derived chemicals. Even though human foot is adaptable to various climate conditions, the foot is still vulnerable to environmental hazard, such as sharp rocks and extreme temperatures, which is why we need shoes. Some shoes are worn as safety equipment, such as the steel soled boots that required in construction sites, but there are also shoes that was made to be used indoors, such as slippers and house shoes.

About House Shoes
House Shoe is a reference from the German word hausschuhe, which means a house shoe. This name is not commonly used in the United States or in British countries. The most prominent difference between slipper and house shoes is the texture, slippers are soft, cushy and colorful, while house shoes are sturdy and neutral.

When you visit into a German household you will see the piles of shoes by the door. In German household people doesn’t take their shoes off, instead they change their shoes into house shoes. When you come home from work you will have to put off your work shoes and put in your house shoes. Then if you want to enjoy your garden, you have to put your garden shoes and when you came back to your house you will change back into your house shoes. You will rarely seeing a German household only have one kind of shoes, along with house shoes they also have garden shoes, hiking boots, and other standards pairs.

The house shoes is worn in German culture probably because the concern of cold feet by many Germans. It is pretty strange in German household to walk around the house without house shoes. A German house shoe consist of firm sole, closed toes, open back, and has a sturdy shaped instead flimsy.

About Slippers
Slippers are footwear that worn inside the house that is light, and designed to be easily put on and put off. The history of slippers track back in the 12th century, when the Vietnamese had been using sleepers. While in the western culture, the slippers record only can be traced until 1478.

According on Wikipedia slippers has various types:
• Open heel slippers, this slippers is commonly made with a fabric upper layer that form an enclosed shape to the top of the toes and the toes, but leave the heel area open. You can find this type of slippers in expensive hotels, which was included in the cost of their room.
• Closed slippers, this kind of slippers has a heel guard that prevent your foot from sliding out.
• Slipper boots, this slippers was designed to have a similar appearance as a boots. This kind of slippers is commonly worn by woman, they are typically a furry boots with a fleece or soft lining and has a soft rubber sole. This sleepers also can be worn outside.
• Sandal slippers, this kind of sleepers is similar to Birkenstock cushioned sandals, it has cushion on it with soft rubber or fabric soles.
• Evening slipper, also known as Prince Albert slipper, in reference to Albert, Prince Consort. The slippers are made from velvet with leather soles and also has a grosgrain bow or the wearers name embroidered in gold.

Aside from those slippers, some slippers might be made to resemble other than slipper, they may came in the shapes of animals, animal paws, vehicle, cartoon characters etc. These kind of slippers are usually made from soft and colorful materials. Different from popular belief, not all soft fluffy shoes can be categorized as slippers. Based on its definition shoe that has a rubber sole and laces is a normal outdoor shoe.

House Shoes vs Slippers

House ShoesSlippers
- Is sturdy and firm- Is commonly soft and fluffy
- Commonly worn in German household- Known almost anywhere across region
- The color and variety of shapes is not as many as slippers- The color and variety of shapes is wider than house shoes

As it have been said above, the Slippers and house shoes is different by the origin and texture. The word house shoes itself doesn’t commonly used in the United States or in United Kingdom. When you mentioned house shoes, people will immediately refer it as slippers. The word house shoes is commonly used by the Germans to refer their indoor shoes, German house shoes have a sturdy design and is not fluffy or soft like slippers. House shoes also have simpler color such as grey, black, brown or dark blue. Different from slippers that comes in lots variety of color and shape. If you prefer soft and cute design, we think that slippers will suit your preference better.

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