Jacket vs Hoodie

Among those many Jacket like garments, hoodie’s popularity is surging in recent years. Because they are somehow similar, many people are confused whether they are actually the same thing or not. So in this article we will give you more information about both Jacket and Hoodie.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Jacket and Hoodie
– Jacket and Hoodie Tips
– Jacket vs Hoodie

About Jacket
Jacket is a piece of garments that worn in the upper body and commonly has a mid-stomach length. In general, jacket has sleeves and fasten at the front or slightly at the sides. Jacket are commonly made from lighter or thinner fabric than typical coat, which is considered an outerwear. Jacket are worn for fashion but in some cases also worn as protective clothing. The word jacket itself comes from the French word jaquette that derived from Middle French noun jaquet. These word refer to a small or lightweight tunic. In France modern society, the word jaquette means the present day jacket. In American English the word jacket and coat are used interchangeably.

There are many types of jacket available and being worn by people these days, such as fleece jacket, flight jacket, leather jacket, motorcycle jacket, rain jacket and many others. You can also find pricier types of jackets that was made from Cashmere and Merino wool in the market. Among those types of jackets Leather jacket and Bomber jacket are the most popular nowadays. Leather jacket is the jacket length coat that commonly worn on the top of other item of clothing. The jacket are made from the tanned hide of various animals. Bomber jacket is the jacket that has a ribbed cuffs and hem, while having a front zip closure and a defined neckline. The Bomber jacket may come in various styles and fits, it can have standard waist or longline, with hood or without hood.

How to wear Leather Jacket
Here is some tips for both men and women on how to wear leather jacket for maximal result:
– For women, you can match bright leather jacket with jeans and sandal.
– For men, you can worn leather biker jacket with trainers for casual and comfortable look.
– For women, you can wear leather jacket with a choker and a layer of stripped shirt to have a nostalgic 90’s look.
– For men, you can wear a leather varsity jacket with a layer of hoodie and simple t-shirt underneath to get the American college student in 1060s or 70s.
– For women, you can wear a crop top and high waisted skirt with a sleek classic leather jacket to feel fresh.

About Hoodie
Hoodie can be called as hooded sweatshirt, hooded jumper or hoody. These terms refer to a sweatshirt with a hood attach in it. Hood itself, is a type of headgear that covers most of the head and neck, they also can cover face in some types of garments. Hood can be worn as a protection against environment, fashion, or some type of traditional uniform.

Hooded garments has been worn by people for many centuries. Even the word “hood” itself, derives from the Anglo Saxon word hod. The style of hoodie can be traced back to Medieval Europe. At that time the common clothing for monks also has a hood attached on their tunic-like garments or robes, while chaperon or hooded cape was very common among outdoors workers.

How to Choose a Hoodie
Similar to any types of garments out there, hoodie are also have different fit or shapes. Some types of hoodie may complements some types of body shape better than the others. Here is some tips to choose a hoodie based on body types:
– Shorter person are not advised to wear oversized hoodie. Wearing a baggy or longline types will making the body look wider and putting more contrast to the height. For shorter person it is better to opt for a hoodie that has length no more than the belt area and slim fit in general.
– For taller person, you should opt for something longline or a little oversized that is no higher than the belt area. When choosing logline hoodie, be careful about the fabric, since some kind of fabrics tend to shrink in the wash.
– For slimmer person, you might want to find a hoodie that is generally slim to avoid sagging around the waist area that will make you look bigger.
– For heavier person, opt for oversized hoodie if you have taller build, but for shorter height it is best to not choose hoodie that is too oversized, since the shape will draw more attention to your height.
Those tips above also can be applied when choosing the best hoodie for your children. However when it comes to children’s clothing, you have to think about the function and material too. See here for a great choices for children hoodies.

Jacket vs Hoodie

- Jacket is made from wider range of material and has many shapes- Hoodie are made with narrower range of materials
- Jacket are commonly worn for fashion and protection against environment- Hoodie are commonly word for comfort and fashion
- Jacket commonly has no hood attached- Hoodie has a hood attached

After reading those information above, now we know what differs jacket from a hoodie. Similar to jacket, hoodie also can be made from more than one materials. However when it come to the range of variety, jacket definitely has more variants than hoodie. Unlike jacket that commonly worn as fashion item, hoodie commonly worn for comfort. From the shape we can find there are also a mix of jacket and hoodie. To ease when differentiating them, we may say that jacket is one without hood, while hoodie is the one with hood and worn for comfort. When choosing both of them, just pick what is most comfortable for you or what kind of style you want to have.

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