Jacket vs Parka

Jacket and Parka terms are very often being used to refer the same item, while the truth is they are two different items. Jacket and Parka can be categorized as types of coat and worn for both fashion and protection against environment. If you are currently looking for their difference, please read our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Jacket and Parka
– Tips on how to wear the current hit Bomber Jacket
– Jacket vs Parka

About Jacket
Jacket is a piece of garments, which length is only until mid-stomach and is worn in the upper body. Jacket are typically has sleeves and are fasten in the front or slightly on the side. Compare to coat, jacket are usually lighter and tighter fitting. Jacket are commonly worn as a fashion items or worn as protective clothing. The word jacket comes from the French word “jaquette” that was derived from Middle French noun “jaquet” that was refer to a small lightweight tunic. In modern French the term “jaquette” are being used to refer the present day jacket. Among American English speakers, the terms jacket sometimes used interchangeably with coat.

Jacket Types
Jacket has so many types start from the types that are common among young people until some traditional and more formal one, such as Nehru Jackets, which made popular by Jawaharlal Nehru. The types of jacket that being commonly and widely used by youngsters today for fashion are Jean jacket, leather jacket, and Bomber jacket.

Jean jacket are the jacket that was made from denim material. This type of jacket is introduced in the U.S in late 19th and the item is still popular until now. Leather Jacket is the jacket-length coat that commonly worn on top of other item or clothing, the item itself, are made from tanned hide of various animals. Bomber Jacket is also called a flight jacket that was originally created for military pilots and somehow became a part of popular culture and apparel. You can identify a bomber jacket by looking at its ribbed cuffs and hem; it also has front zip closure and defined neckline. The length may be standard waist or longline and some may comes with hood.

How to wear Bomber Jacket
Here are some tips on how to wear Bomber jacket
– To get a sport luxe look, wear the jacket with long polo or sweatshirt and pair with relaxed trousers like joggers. You can also try to wear a darker color hoodie instead of long tee as another option.
– If you have a white Bomber jacket, you can pair it with something that is fairly neutral to get a trendy look when the spring comes.
– If you have a green Bomber jacket, you can make the jacket stand in a right way by pairing it with a monochrome or neutral palette.
– If you prefer casual look, you can try pairing your jacket with black chinos or casual trousers. You can also pair it with sweatshirt in darker color to keep warm in cold weather.
For women, the choice is a little wider. Young girls will look flattering when pairing a short overall with a bomber jacket. To get a sexy look, Bomber jacket can be paired with tight tees and a Skinny jeans. Other good idea is pairing Bomber jacket with a scarf tank, cropped pants and a chunky heels. For those who want more attitudes, you can pair jacket with prints and lighter color under layer to get a feminine or striking look, depend on what prints you are wearing.

About Parka
Parka or also called anorak is actually a kind of coat with a hood attached. The item may come with a fur or faux fur lining or not. Taken from Wikipedia, the item was invented by the Caribou Inuit and was originally made from caribou or seal skin for the purpose of hunting and kayaking in the cold Arctic. The original Parka required regular coating of fish oil to make the item stay waterproof.

Similar to Bomber jacket, Parka was also begin to worn as fashion, after it was adapted for military use. Some types of Parka is the snorkel parka, the item is ¾ length and a fully attached hood. The parka was developed in the USA during the early 1950 for flight crews that were placed in extremely cold areas where the temperature may reach -51°C. The other is Fishtail parka that was initially used by the U.S Army during the Korean War in 1950. The item was named Fishtail because it has a fish tail extension that could be folded up between the legs.

Both Jacket and Parka are types of coat. In the case of Bomber jacket and Parka, both of them debuted and use by the military before widely spread as fashion item. In present days, the difference between both is sometimes not clear. You can find a Jacket sold as Parka and vice versa, which is commonly happening in catalogues, websites or elsewhere. Jacket and Parka are also worn by children, but mainly to protect them from bad weather instead of fashion.

Jacket vs Parka

- In most types, the length of the item is only until waist area- The length extends to the thigh and some may reach knee areas
- Are commonly not as warming as Parka- Feels warmer when worn
- Have many different shapes and purposes- Intentionally designed to be worn as protection against cold environment

The easiest way to differentiate them is by looking at their length. Generally Parka has longer length and because of it, they tend to provide more warmth to the wearer. At the other hand, a jacket has shorter length and usually only fit until waist or slightly below. When choosing between both, you can wear anything that match with your taste and personality.

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