Jacket vs Sweater

Some lay folks may interchange these two terms for each other, but a fashion-conscious person should never confuse jackets and sweaters. While they both are often thick garments, there are distinctive features that set the two apart. Continue reading below for the detailed comparisons between a jacket vs sweater!

In this article, you can find out more about:
– The distinctive characteristics of jackets and sweaters,
– The differences between jacket vs sweater, and
– Which one that is better for different occasions.

What is a Jacket?
Jackets refer to waist-length or hip-length outerwear made from leather, woven fabrics, or other bonded fabric-like materials that are sturdy and rigid. A jacket typically has a front closure and long sleeves. It is usually worn to protect the body from the weather and other environmental conditions. See also: Jacket vs Sport Coat.

A jacket is always worn as a piece of outerwear. You may have other clothing pieces such as a sweater or t-shirt under a jacket. It is very practical for the cooler months of the year, although you may also wear lighter and thinner jackets in the warmer months. Jackets are available in many designs, some are formal and others are casual.

What is a Sweater?
A sweater is typically thicker than t-shirts. It is knitted from an interlocking continuous yarn. Hence, it is usually stretchy and flexible, so that it can follow the curves of the body. While a sweater is also designed to warm and cover the upper part of the body, it can be used alone or with other clothing pieces. When the day is particularly cold, you may wear a sweater inside a jacket.

Sweaters are casual. But there are many colors and patterns available, in both classic and modern styles. A sweater is usually worn by pulling it over the head. It is not usually zipped. According to Wikipedia, a sweater is also called a jumper in British English.

The Differences
First of all, a jacket is always for outerwear, whereas a sweater may be used alone or with other garments. A jacket is usually large and rather loose so that you can wear multiple garments underneath. Meanwhile, a sweater is stretchy, designed to fit the body more snugly. To stay warm in a very cold day, you can wear a sweater under a jacket.

The designs of jackets and sweaters greatly vary. Jackets are available in formal and casual models. Jackets may have zippers or buttons. On the other hand, sweaters are casual. A sweater is usually worn by pulling it over the head.

The materials used for jackets are usually finer and more durable. A jacket can be made from nylon, fleece, woven wool, or leather. A jacket may be lighter for the warmer months. However, a jacket for the winter months is thick and may be waterproof. Meanwhile, sweaters are made from a knitted material. The priority of a sweater is the ability to keep the body warm.

Jacket vs Sweater

- Front closure with zippers or buttons- Pull over the head
- Has formal and casual designs, used for outerwear- Casual, may be used alone or with other clothing
- Made from durable materials such as wool or leather- Made from a knitted material

Jackets are for outerwear. They have front closure. You should choose a jacket if you need a more formal look. A waterproof jacket is ideal when you want to protect your body against environmental factors such as cold air, wind, and rain. Meanwhile, sweaters are casual. You can use a sweater alone or with other clothing pieces. A sweater is designed to keep the body warm, and is worn by pulling it over the head.

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