Jacket vs Sweatshirt

Jacket and Sweatshirt is two items among today’s fashion “must have”. The versatility and stylish appearance of these two garments are being loved by many people. if you are confused about which to choose to match your style, please read our article below, since it might help you decide, which to wear for your next style look.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Jacket and Sweatshirt
– The Variants of Jacket
– How to Dress a Sweatshirt
– Jacket vs Sweatshirt

About Jacket
Jacket is one type of garments that was worn in the upper body and has mid-stomach length. It is said that jacket can be considered as another type of coats. Jacket commonly has long sleeves and fasten at the front using buttons, zippers or other kind of closings, some of them also can be fasten slightly at each side. If compared to coat, jacket is lighter and tighter, since it was made from thinner material, jacket also not as warming as coat. Jacket nowadays are commonly worn as a fashion item, but it an also used as protective clothing.

Jacket Types
Jackets have so many types and shapes, from the modern and currently popular jackets to more traditional jackets, such as Attila, the Hungarian shell jacket or short coat. In modern day, there are more than one types of jacket that can be considered as fashion item and popular among youngsters. In recent years, the most popular types of jackets are Bomber Jacket, Dinner Jacket, Leather Jacket, Reversible Jacket, Suit Jacket, Jean Jacket, and Varsity Jacket. Among those types of Jacket, Bomber Jacket is the current happening trend when this article was made.

Taken from stylecraze, there are several types of jackets that is essential in women’s closets, they are Leather Jacket, Denim/Jeans Jacket, Bomber Jacket, Quilted Jacket, Cashmere or Wool Jacket, and Faux or Fur Jacket. While for men, the essentials are Leather Jacket, Harrington Jacket, Suede Jacket, Bomber Jacket, Field Jacket, Sport Jacket, and Denim/Jeans Jacket.

About Sweatshirt
A sweatshirt is originally a piece of long sleeve shirt that was made from sweatshirt fleece. Sweatshirt fleece is a heavy fabric that was finished on one side and has a soft or fluffy nap at the other side. This piece of clothing was designed to be worn with the finish side out and the napped side close to the skin in an attempt to retain body heat. Sweatshirt doesn’t have to be made from wool, it can be made from cotton, synthetic fibers or some other types of materials.

Sweatshirt was first invented by Benjamin Russell before the World War 2. He made a new fabric to be worn by sportsmen that surpassed its itchy and uncomfortable predecessor. Not long after, the jerseys appeared in the running tracks and football pitches of America. The versatile garment, then begin to popular among public until now. Singer Kanye West is known for his love towards sweatshirt and elevating the simple design into his Yeezy line.

The Sweatshirt term are sometimes lead to another kind of garments, which is the Hoodie. Sweatshirt now is not only worn by men, but also by women. When you go to your fashion retailers, you can find many sweatshirt designed to be worn by women.

Sweatshirt Tips
Here is some tips to dress with your sweatshirt for men:
– Sport look is the easiest to pull with sweatshirt, you can pair your sweatshirt with a pair of joggers to get the classic sports look. If you want to be less casual, you can dress the sweatshirt with Bomber Jacket and a pair of white sneakers.
– To get a casual look, you can pair your sweatshirt with light wash or faded denim. To make it more suitable for night occasion, you can add a layer of leather jacket and a darker jeans.
– To get a smarter look, you can combine, navy, black or marl grey sweatshirt with a shirt underneath and peeping the collar and hem out to make them visible.
– To get a street look, you can pair you sweatshirt with plaid shirt over the top or you just can tie it around your waist.
While for women, the Sweatshirt can be combined with almost any casual clothes, the final look will either sporty or cute.

Looking at those information above, now we know that Jacket and sweatshirt are two different items. Sweatshirt are indeed made from various materials but Jacket has a wider range of fabrics. Jacket are intentionally and commonly worn as an outerwear, while sweatshirt can be worn for both outerwear and inside layer. Sweatshirt are commonly comfortable and doesn’t have any variants. While Jacket has dozens of types and has been around long before sweatshirt. Seeing from its versatility, sweatshirt will look more casual sporty if compared to Jacket. Since Jacket has so many types, among those types of jackets some of them has lesser casual look and some may be at the similar level as sweatshirt.

Jacket vs Sweatshirt

- Has many variants from traditional to modern jacket- Only available in one variant
- Made from wider materials depend on the variants- Made from lesser material, such as wool, cotton, synthetic fibers or some other types of materials
- Commonly only worn as an outerwear- Can be worn by itself, as an inside layer or as an outerwear
- Have been around longer than sweatshirt- Invented not long before the WWII

When choosing between the two, the thing that you need to take into consideration is your personal taste and what kind of style you want to pull. If you prefer casual look and want simpler look, we will recommend you the Sweatshirt.

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