Jacket vs Vest

Sometimes it is hard to choose what kind of style we want to have or simply what clothes or trousers to wear with what kind accessories and then the indecisiveness goes on. For example when choosing an outerwear, we have so many choices to choose, such as jacket, vest, coat or hoodie. In this article we are going to talk about jacket and coat for those who are still confused about them.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Jacket and Vest
– The Many Types of Jacket and Vest
– Jacket vs Vest

About jacket
Jacket is a piece of garment that worn in the upper body and the length is only until mid-stomach. Jacket commonly has long sleeves and the front part is closed using zippers, buttons or other kind of closings. Jacket can be categorized as the other version of coat but with shorter length and thinner fabric. Jacket is commonly worn as an outerwear but you can find people wearing jacket as an under layer whether it is for fashion purpose or to protect the user from cold weather.

Jacket Types
Until now, there are dozens types of jacket being made or exist in the world. Some of them are traditional heritage and some are either served as protective clothing or fashion items. In modern days, jackets are commonly worn as a fashion item rather than to protect the wearer. Since there are so many of them, we are only going to mention the most famous jackets in recent years. They are Jean Jacket, Leather Jacket, Harrington Jacket, Varsity Jacket, and Bomber Jacket. There are also Dinner Jacket and Blazers among them, but we are not going to talk about them in this article.

Jean jacket or popularly called denim jacket is a jacket that was made from denim material and was first brought to the United Stated in 19th Century. This type of jacket is very popular and has been described as an iconic element of American Fashion. Leather jacket is like the way it is written, the material to make the jacket is indeed from tanned hide of various animals and commonly dyed in black or some shades of brown. This item is popular associated with subcultures, such as cowboys, motorcyclist, military aviators, and police.

Harrington jacket is the jacket that was made of cotton, polyester, wool or suede and is lightweight. This jacket is designed with Fraser tartan or checkerboard patterned lining. Varsity jacket is actually the baseball-style jacket that was traditionally worn by High School or College student in the United States to represent their school and team pride. The varsity jacket got its name from the Varsity letter placed at the front of the jacket. The letter commonly is the first initial of the High School, College, or Team. The last and most famous jacket in late years is the Bomber jacket or Flight jacket. This jacket was intentionally worn by military pilots and somehow became one of the most popular fashion items nowadays.

About Vest
Vest is the close fitting garment that worn in the upper body and commonly has no sleeves. Vest length ends near the waist area. Vest may have a simple, ornate, leisure or luxury look depends on the wearer and how they wore the vest. Originally vest was not only worn under other garments, but can also be worn over other garments as well. Sometimes, you also see people wearing vest over short or long sleeve shirt. Vest can be worn by pulling the garment over the head or by zipping/buttoning the front opening. Vest have so many different variations and made from various material depends on what kind of purpose it serves.

Vest Types
Since vest has so many types and function, we are only going to mention some of them. Biker vest is the vest that commonly made from denim or leather jacket with sleeves that have been cut off. Just like its name, this vest is popular among bikers in North America and Europe. This vest is commonly worn with decorative patches of logos related to their activity. Fishing Vest is the type of vest that has many external pockets means to carrying fishing tackle. Sweater vest is similar to sweater but without the sleeves. The item was popular in 1970s but has been gaining popularity in recent years. Ballistic vest, this item is worn to protect the user from firearm projectiles and shrapnel from explosion.

Jacket and Vest is two different fashion items and is practically quite easy to differentiate. To put it simply, jackets are the one with sleeves, while vest is the one without sleeves. When choosing between both, what you should consider is the look you want to have, the function and the season. Jackets are commonly more warming than vest and is suitable for casual occasions. When seen from the fashionable side jacket commonly gives the wearer a “daring” and “youthful” look. At the other hand vest aside from practical vest such as fishing or bulletproof vest has a simpler and neater look.

Jacket vs Vest

- Has many types beyond the Vest types- Has many types, but not as many as Jackets
- Has sleeves attached on the item- Has no sleeves attached on the item
- Has better heat insulation than Vest- Is not as warming as jacket

If you are a person with youthful soul, we will recommend you the jacket, especially the popular types and for you who want a relax look without being restricted by the sleeves, you may want to choose vest.

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