Lip Gloss vs Lipstick

Many lip product are being marketed today. Each one of them were made to served different purpose. Women find it beneficial to apply lip product to enhance their appearance especially their lips. Lipstick and lip gloss is two of many other lip products. Both of them is popular among women and being used for many decades. In this article we will talk about lip gloss and lipstick, since they are different product and was made with different purpose. It is wise to know how they are exactly beneficial to us and the differences between both of them.

Lip Gloss
Lip gloss is a beauty product made to add shine or gloss into the lips. Lip gloss may come with a subtle color and sometimes is also added with glitter to make the lips appear glossier. Lip gloss usually comes in liquid or gel-like consistency, but there is also lip gloss which came in the form of lipstick, in a solid and cream like substance commonly with added pigments. Lip gloss has various finish such as, frosted, glitter, glossy, and metallic finishes. Similar to lipstick lip gloss has many form and can be applied in different ways. Some of them come in a tube with a long stick-like applicator known as doe foot applicator or built in lip brush. Some may come in a small, elastic, and easy to squeeze tube, made to glide directly into the lips. And some other might come in a stick form in boxes or tubes, making it hard to determine whether it is lip gloss or lip balm before you applied it.

Lip gloss was first invented by Max Factor back in the 1930, it was made to make lips look shiny or glossy for films. The first launched lip gloss was named X-Rated and available start from 1932. The product was sold until 2003 when Procter and Gamble decided to stop producing it. The first flavored lip gloss is introduced by Bonne Bell in 1973 and called Lip Smackers, the product is still popular even today among young teenagers.

Tips to choose lip gloss:
1. Choose lip gloss from a good brand, so the quality is trusted and can last longer.
2. Choose the right color for your skin tone, for people with fair complexion it is wise to choose pinky tones, and for people with olive complexions will suit peachy tones better, while people with darker complexion should choose caramel, chocolate and berry shades.
3. Try them one by one to determine whether the texture is comfortable or not.

Lipstick is one type of cosmetic that have pigments, oils, waxes and emollients and was made to give lips color, texture, and also some protection. Lipstick is currently have many variety of color. Even though the name is written with “stick” lipstick comes in different consistency and not always stick. The most common lipstick comes within a tabular container around 10 mm in diameter and 50 mm in length. Regarding the method of application the term lipstick itself can be used to call similar items. When choosing lipstick color it is best to match it with your skin tone. For example if you have pink, red or bluish hue to your skin, then it means you have cool tone. Cool tone is most suitable for blue or purple shaded undertones lipsticks. People with yellow, golden, or olive is most suitable for red and orange color. While people with neutral undertone have the most privilege, since they can choose any range of color and will still look good on them.

In 19th century lipstick was made with carmine dye. This coloring is came from cochineal, a scale insects native to Mexico and Central America which usually leaves in a cactus plants. This insects can produce a carminic acid and human mixed it with aluminum or calcium salts to make carmine dye or also known as cochineal. The first lipstick does not come in a tube, but it was also applied using a brush back then similar to liquid lipstick these days. Start in 1890s carmine was mixed with oil and wax base to produce a more natural color. At that time the lipstick is sold in a paper tubes, tinted papers, or in a small pot.

Lip GlossLipstick
- It does not contain much color pigment- Contain lots of color pigment
- It was made to give shine and gloss into the lips- Made to give color and alter the natural color of someone’s lips
- Commonly cheaper than lipsticks- Is typically pricier than lipgloss

Like it has been said above, lip gloss and lipstick is two different things and can’t exactly use to replace each other, since they have their own main purpose. Lip gloss can only add subtle color, different from lipstick which typically can be used to alter someone lip color. Lip gloss only provide the shine and fuller effect to make the lips appear healthier. While at the other side lipstick main purpose was to give color to women lips. Some people might choose one of them over the other depending on their needs and preference. However it is also popular to use them together by applying lipstick first then, lip gloss is added to make the lips not only beautiful but look fuller.

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