Lip Stain vs Lipstick

There are many type of lip coloring products being marketed today. Among those products lipsticks is the most popular and commonly used by women. It is not strange seeing women these days have collection of two to three lipsticks, some of us even have dozens of them. Aside from lipsticks, lip stain also gaining popularity in recent years. This lip-coloring cosmetic is pretty new compare to lipsticks. In this article we will give you information about lip stain and how it can give you another kind of benefit the same like lipsticks has. Both of them are pretty similar yet different, here how you can differ lip stain from lipstick.

Lip Stain
Lip stain is a cosmetic product made to give color into lips. Lip stain usually comes in the form of liquid and gel. Commonly it can last longer than lipstick. But lip stain is not common wore in the winter since it will dry out the lips. Lip stain is claimed to last on lips up to 18 hours. Lip stain can come with various packages such as, roll on, gel with sponge tip applicator or marker-like tube with color infused tips. Since lip stain consistency is very thin, you have to apply the product quickly because it will dry pretty fast. Most lip stain contains alcohol, which is the main reason why it can set almost instantly. The alcohol in lip stain also have a drying effect into your lips, so you should moisturize and scrub your lips frequently.

There are few tips you need to follow before putting on lip stain:
1. if you have a dry lips, it is wise to scrub it first to remove the dead skin. Flaky lips will make the lip stain absorbed faster and make your flakes looks more obvious.
2. when applying lip stain, remember the “less is more” concept. Apply in a small amount thinly in your lower lip then close your lips to transfer some of it to your upper lip.
3. you can always combine your lip tint with lip balm, lip gloss, or even lipstick. You can add lip balm after applying your lip tint to give your lip additional moisture if you think your lip stain is too dry. You can layer lip-gloss over your lip stain to give it a glossy, shiny look. Or you can layer it with lipstick to make the color last longer.
4. if you are going to use lip gloss, lipstick or lip balm aside from lip stain, make sure to always apply lip stain first. Remember that you always can build the color so apply it little by little.

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Lipstick is cosmetics made with pigments, oils, waxes and emollients and has the purpose to give lips color, texture, and protection. Lipstick has been used since at least ancient Sumerian about 5000 years ago. At that time lip decoration was made from crushed gemstones and aside in the lips it also applied on the eyes. In ancient Egypt Cleopatra is known to crush some type of bugs to be made into lip coloring. A notable Andalusian cosmetologist named Abu al-Qasim during the Islamic Golden Age might invent the first solid lipstick. It was a perfumed stick, which is rolled and pressed using special molds.

Wearing the right lipstick can make you look more flattering. Its main use is to give color into lips, if you have a lightly pigmented or pale lips, wearing lipstick will make you look fresher and healthier. If you have dark lips, which usually appear in people with darker skin tone wearing the right color lipstick can make you look awesome. Wearing the same color lipstick with your gown or even shirt can bring the color up to your face and combine your entire appearance together.

Who do not want to have reddish, moist healthy lips. We bet that many people want to have a beautiful natural lip. Unfortunately not many people are able to achieve it. This might be one reason that made ancient people invented lip coloring in the first place. Unlike those times, in modern day we are faced with many different kind of lip coloring products.

Lip Stain vs Lipstick

Lip StainLipstick
- Contains lesser pigments- Contains more pigments
- Have watery or gel like consistency- Have creamy consistency
- Typically contains high in alcohol- Contains lesser alcohol
- Can dry almost instantly- Takes time to dry

In general lip stain have a narrower range in color unlike lipstick, which usually have dozens of colors from each different brands. Lip stains main purpose is to enhance the natural lip color rather than covering and alter it the way lipsticks is used. Lip stains generally come in red, pink and peach hues. While lipsticks aside from having a wide range of color, it also comes with variety of finishes such as, shine, matte and metallic. The rich texture of lipstick also allows it to be infused with moisture rich ingredients like vitamin E and Aloe Vera. However it does not mean that lip stain can’t be packed with beneficial ingredients. There are some lip stain out there which may contains some additional ingredient, so please check the package before buying.

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