Lipstick Matte vs Satin

In modern day lipsticks are not only comes in dozens variety of colors, but also made to give different finish into your lips. There are currently several finishes you may choose from lipsticks such as, matte, satin, lustre, metallic, and high shine. Among those finish variants we are going to give you information about the first two. They are matte finish and satin finish. These two types look very similar in a first glance, but if you pay little more attention you will see that they are actually different. Here is how matte finish is different from satin finish.

Story of Lipstick Matte
Lipstick is a cosmetic made to be applied on the lips to give color, protection and also texture. Lipstick is commonly made with pigments, oils, waxes, and emollients. Lipstick was originally called as “lipstick” because it came in a tubular container, approximately 10 mm in diameter and 50 mm in length. But now the term is somehow use to refer any type of lipstick even when it does not come in a stick form.

Lipstick has been used by ancient people to decorate their face in many different regions. Ancient Egyptian used to wore lipstick to show their social status regardless of gender. The people from that time extracted the red dye of fucus-algin, 0.01% iodine, and some bromine mannite, this dye is known to have serious effect on human. Chinese people also made lipsticks 1000 years ago and it was made from beeswax to protect the delicate skin of the lips.

Back then in the 19th century, people in the US made lipstick with carmine dye. The substance was extracted from cochineal, a scale insects native to Mexico and Central America. This insects in known to live in cactus plants. Cochineal insects can produce carminic acid to protect them from predator. In a single insect you can extract 17 to 24% carminic acid. This substance then mixed with calcium salt or aluminum to make cochineal. (Read more about lipstick in here)

The first lip coloring does not come in a tube, but it was applied using brush. Because of the unnatural color only actresses are able to wear them. By the 1890 cochineal was mix with oil and wax so it can produce more natural color. Lipsticks at that time was not sold in metal tube instead in a paper tubes. By the 1915 solid lipstick has been invented by Maurice Levy. The old style lipstick tube have to be open by sliding a tiny lever at the side of the tube to move the lipstick up from its case.

Lipstick is produced into many variants aside from its wide range of colors. It was also designed to give variety of finish when applied in your lips. The most popular finish nowadays might be the matte finish and the satin finish. These variants are invented to follow modern trends and demands.

Lipstick Matte
Matte finish is the boldest finish among other type of lipsticks. This finish will give you a bold color and is currently popular these days. The word matte itself means that it doesn’t appear glossy. Many people said that matte finish is the hardest to perfect, you can find many disappointing lipsticks even from high end brands. Cheaper lipsticks tend to make the lips really dry. Matte lipsticks does not contents much moisturizer so it is recommended to exfoliate your lips and moisture it first before applying matte lipsticks. Matte finish just like many other lipsticks, it came in wide range of colors. You can find the most natural one for example the nude collection to those trendy blue, black or green colors.

Lipstick Satin
Satin finish look is placed in between matte and shimmer. Satin finish does not give mush glow like shimmer and it is not as flat as matte finish. Satin lipsticks has a creamier texture and has more moisture than matte lipsticks. If you feel it from the texture satin finish tend to feel a bit sticky and will not stay as long as matte lipsticks.

Lipstick Matte vs Satin

Lipstick MatteLipstick Satin
- Does not look shiny- Give subtle shine
- Contains lesser moisturizer- Contains more moisturizer
- Set faster- Will take longer to set

Matte finish and satin finish is typically easy to distinguish. If your lipstick does not shine and look flat or feel dry in your lips then most likely you are wearing a matte lipstick. But if your lipstick gave subtle shine, feel a bit sticky, and moisture your lips then you are most likely to have a satin lipsticks. Many women not only favor one type of finish, you can have and wear any lipsticks you want. The most important thing is how you choose your lipsticks color, whether those colors will complement your skin and your clothes or not. Wearing the right color for your skin or clothes can give your appearance a boost. Also do not skip the treatment phase. If you wear lipsticks frequently the chemical might dry out you lips, so it is advised to scrub and moisturize your lips frequently.

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