Lipstick vs Liquid Lipstick

Lipstick is a popular cosmetics, most women have more than two Lipsticks at a time. Lipstick colors and variant has become one fashion point to enhance women appearance. Aside from traditional Lipsticks which has been around for quite long time, in recent years Liquid Lipsticks start to gain popularity and became many women favorite option to color their lips and giving it a trendy look.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Lipsticks and why Women are Wearing it
– The History of Lipsticks
– Lipsticks Variants
– What is Liquid Lipsticks
– The features of Liquid Lipsticks
– Lipsticks vs Liquid Lipsticks

About Lipsticks
Lipstick is define by Wikipedia as a cosmetic made to give the Lips color, texture and also protection. Lipsticks is commonly made with pigments, oils, waxes and emollients. Lipstick can come in a wide range of colors produced by different brands. Lipstick is called stick because it was originally comes in a tubular container, with a diameter approximately 10 mm and has length approximately 50 mm. Lipsticks is commonly wore by woman but there are some trends and culture where men also wear it for fashion.

Lipstick was already exist since ancient times. Sumerian people in ancient times wore Lipstick regardless of gender approximately 5000 years ago. The way they make Lipstick is by crushing gemstones and it was used to colors their Lips and around the eyes. In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra is known to crush particular bugs to create color of red in their Lips. Ancient Egyptian also wore Lipsticks to show their social status. At that time the method they used to make red dye is by extracting it from focus-algin and mixing it with 0, 01% iodine and some bromine mannite, this mixture is known to cause serious illness. Around 3000 BC to 1500 BC, women in Indus Valley Civilization applied red tint to their Lips for face decorations.

Liquid Lipsticks
Lipsticks may come with many colors start from natural Lip color which is called nude collection until some trendy bold color like black, green or blue. You can also choose what kind of finish you want to have in your Lips when wearing Lipsticks. The most famous finish are matte finish, this finish is the most popular in recent years. Read our Lipstick Matte vs Satin here. Matte finish has a flat and typically faster to set in Lips. And about Satin finish, this finish have the look between matte and glossy look, it is not as dry as matte but not as wet as Lip gloss.

Liquid Lipsticks Consistency
Liquid Lipsticks is the same cosmetic made to give color, texture and protection into lips. Unlike the common Lipsticks which has a solid form, Liquid Lipsticks is in a form of liquid or creamy liquid. The consistency tend to be different from one products to another, but they usually fall more into creamy liquid. At least the consistency is creamier and richer than lip stain.

Similar to Lipsticks, Liquid Lipsticks is available in a very wide range of colors. Some producers give their Liquid Lipsticks color the same as their Lipsticks. Liquid Lipstick might produce by companies who do not produce Lipsticks. As the Liquid Lipsticks gaining more popularity than solid Lipsticks nowadays, many cosmetics manufacturers only have either Liquid Lipsticks or solid Lipsticks.

The Pros of Liquid Lipsticks
Liquid Lipsticks is said to able to give the sheen of gloss and the intensity of Lipsticks by Cosmopolitan. Liquid Lipsticks is highly pigmented similar to Lipsticks and it can glides smoothly similar to lip gloss. Liquid Lipsticks is also high coverage, so you only need one coat to cover your lips. Not only that many Liquid Lipstick have a buildable formula, means you can re-apply it to reach your preferred cover. Liquid Lipsticks is also known to last longer, so it can be drying. Always moisture your lip with wax-based lip balm before applying Liquid Lipsticks. Because Liquid Lipstick is applied using a sponge wand, the application will be more precise.

Because Liquid Lipsticks is very dry, it tends to be transfer proof, so you don’t have to worry to stain your clothes. Liquid Lipsticks also known to be able to withstand hot weather, so it won’t melt when you wear them in a hot environment. When Liquid Lipstick is set, it will stay all day. Because Liquid Lipsticks is made to stay all day, they tend to hard to remove without a makeup remover. Some people might prefer the traditional Lipsticks over Liquid Lipsticks or the opposite.

Lipstick vs Liquid Lipstick

LipsticksLiquid Lipsticks
- Have a solid form- Have creamy liquid form
- More moisturizing than Liquid Lipsticks- Can make lips very dry
- Not as long wear as Liquid Lipsticks- Last longer than solid Lipsticks
- Typically not as pigmented as Liquid Lipsticks- Is very pigmented

Liquid Lipsticks is very popular in recent years trying to beat traditional solid Lipsticks. Liquid Lipstick became a winner on long wearing and highly pigmented while regular Lipsticks is easier to use and can give more moisture compare to Liquid Lipsticks. Solid Lipsticks also typically easier to remove than Liquid Lipsticks, which required a makeup remover. Liquid Lipsticks can be drying to lips, so it is advised to wear lip balm before putting Liquid Lipsticks. This step is not required when using solid Lipsticks, since they tend not dry out your lips like Liquid Lipsticks do. You don’t have to choose only one of them, many people are owning several type of Lipsticks in their drawer. What is more important is your own taste and preference.

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