Matte vs Glossy

Are you a beginners when it comes to cosmetics? Are you still confused in choosing which lipsticks is the best for you? Lipsticks indeed came in many type and also have a variety of forms. Different from our previous article about lipstick matte vs satin, in this article we will give you a comparison between matte and glossy lipsticks.

In this article we will give you information about:
– About Lipsticks
– History of Lipsticks
– What is Matte Lipsticks and Glossy Lipsticks
– Matte vs Glossy

About Lipsticks
Lipstick has been wore by ancient people since ancient times. The product is still very popular these days and age. Their shape and ingredients are already modernized and enriched with nutrients to treat your lips. Lipstick as defined by Wikipedia is intentionally made to give color into lips, aside from altering its color, lipstick also used to protect and give texture into lips. Traditionally lipsticks are made with pigments, oils, waxes and emollients. Lipsticks comes in a wide range of color and finishes. They also come in both sticks or solids form and liquid form. These days cosmetic are widely produced by multi billion company.

History of lipsticks
In the 19th century in the United States, lipstick was made from carmine dye. Carmine dye was extracted from cochineal, it is a scale insects native to Mexico and Central America, the insects is known to live on a cactus plants. Cochineal insects can produce carminic acid to deter predation by other insects. Carminic acid is 17% to 24% of weight of dried insects, and can be extracted from the insect’s body and eggs. The substance is then mixed with aluminum or calcium salts to make carmine dye or cochineal.

Lipstick from that time did not came in a tube but the lipstick was applied with a brush. Carmine dye cost pretty expensive back then and the color is too unnatural, making it only used by actors and actresses. In the 1880 women start to wear lipsticks and rouge in public. A famous actress named Sarah Bernhardt began wearing lipsticks in public, this making many women following her step. Women from that era only applied makeup at home.

By the 1890, people begin to mix carmine with oil and wax base. This mixture result in more natural color and was more acceptable to be worn among women. At that time lipsticks was not sold in a screw up metal tube, instead it was sold in paper tubes, tinted papers or in a small pot.

As we know today, lipsticks has many variants and comes in a wide range of color, starting from the infamous Nude collection until some trendy bold black, blue or green. In this article we will try to compare between matte and glossy lipsticks.

About Matte Lipsticks
Matte lipsticks has a matte finish, the look of matte lipstick does not give any shines, and if not applied with 2 or more colors, the finish will look flat. Matte lipsticks is very famous today, many cosmetics company start producing them in recent years. Matte lipstick is popular because its high coverage and also can stay for longer time compare to most type of lipsticks. Matte lipstick commonly came in a tube and have a liquid consistency, but there are also matte lipsticks which comes in a solid stick form. Matte lipsticks which come in a liquid form is said to be able to give a better cover and stay for longer time than the solid one.

However, matte lipsticks tend to dry your lips. Matte lipsticks is made to set faster and last longer when applied so they usually lacks of moisturizer. When wearing matte lipsticks, it is recommended to scrub and moisture the lips first. When the lips is chapped or flaky the lipsticks will enhance the flakiness and it will not look good.

About Glossy Lipsticks
Glossy lipsticks is the lipstick which commonly came in a liquid form and has a watery consistency. Compare to other liquid lipsticks glossy lipstick has a lighter texture and somehow felt similar to gel. When applied glossy lipsticks will make your lips appear wet and shiny. The finish of glossy lipsticks is quite similar to lip gloss, but contains more pigments. Glossy lipsticks is being loved because it can moisturize your lips and making it look plump. The most annoying part when wearing glossy lipsticks is the wet surface in your lips. The glossy layer will make your hair stick into it when it was blown by wind.

Matte vs Glossy

- Doesn’t give shine- Make your lips look wet and shiny
- Set pretty quickly- Takes longer to set
- Will dry your lips- Will not dry out your lips
- Can last a pretty long time- Is not long lasting
- Available in a wide range of color- Only available in some colors
- Need a special cleanser to remove it- Is easy to wipe/clean

Choosing between both of them should only based on your own taste and styles. You can go with matte lipsticks, glossy lipsticks or any type of finish you want. The most important thing is you are comfortable with what are wearing now. Because style is defined by the wearer not the opposite. What you have to make sure is treating yourself right, when using matte lipsticks, we advised you to scrub and moisturize frequently. But if you are into glossy lipsticks you don’t have to worry about it, the choice is all yours.

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