Microblading vs 3D Eyebrow

Many women and man are wishing to have a good eyebrow. Because eyebrow does enhanced one’s look and make the face look better. For women, doing their eyebrow everyday might be pretty tiring, since it can easily messed up and will ruin your mood. Today to ease this everyday routine, people invented the microblading method. It is basically tattooing your eyebrow to fill in and making them look fuller also can be used to shape your eyebrow into a fine and beautiful form. In this article we will talk about microblading and one of its several finishing choices, which is called 3D eyebrow. 3D eyebrow is chosen by many people to add depth in their eyebrow.

microblading is known with many other names such as, embroidery, micro stroking, feather touch is a type of semi permanent makeup that have purposed to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposit of cosmetic grade tattoo pigments. As time goes by the ink can wear off and fading so the application need to be repeat in a period of time. When doing microblading the pigments or inks is deposit into the dermis part instead of epidermis, because if it were placed in the epidermis area the ink will fade within 30 to 90 days, depending on the age as the epidermis is continues to renew itself. This is why the ink is placed in the dermis area which is to make it last longer. Just like any other tattoo, microblading can fade because of many factors such as, the quality of the ink used, UV exposure, use of acids in skincare products and medications, however the microblading will not fade off completely.

Microblading is very popular because almost everybody can do it. However pregnant women, nursing mother and people who are currently taking any blood-thinning medication should avoid microblading. Since microblading is permanent just like other type of tattoo, it is wise to think things thoroughly and do some research first before deciding on going with microblading, to avoid unwanted result. And before doing microblading make sure to leave your skin in its normal condition, well rested also hydrated. Even though microblading is practically a tattoo, when doing microblading you don’t have to remove your existing eyebrow like when doing regular body tattoo, instead the hair will be kept as much natural as possible. The application of microblading usually will take 2-3 hours including the preparation work, but the actual microblading process only takes up 45 minutes to one hour. Many people testified that microblading is less painful compare to tweezing and threading. The most prominent benefit of microblading is it can last in pretty long time, some people said it can last up to two years. Just like many other cosmetic application, there are some risks when doing microblading such as allergic reaction and irritations. But it can be prevent with consulting to your doctor first before deciding on microblading.

3D Eyebrow
While the microblading term is commonly used to refer the embroidery method of drawing in the manner of filling in and shape the eyebrow. 3D here means the finishing method added when doing microblading. People can choose the 3D means 3 dimensional shading procedures to achieve “ombre” shading where the hairs start lighter in the inner brows and gradually darkens towards arches and tail, 3D eyebrow is able to achieve the powdery brows and more dynamic and defined brows. When microblading is commonly used 1 or 2 pigments color, in 3D shading the pigments used is range from 2 to 3 different shades of pigments. First a base color is chosen to make the hair strokes. Second, the base color is modified using lighter or darker pigments to create gradient or dimensional effect. The 3D techniques required a high skill and precision from the brow technicians to give your eyebrow a nice and natural look, so it is highly recommended to do some research on those brow technicians before committing. The price to do your brow may range from $400 to $1.400 depending on the artist’s expertise and where the shop was located. Yes it is pretty expensive but comparing to an awful final result the cost usually doesn’t lie.

Microblading3D Eyebrow
- Used 1 to 2 shades of pigments - Used 2 to 3 shades of pigments
- Used to add volume and shape the eyebrow- Used to add depth and making the eyebrow look more natural
- Typically less pricier than 3d eyebrow- Typically pricier than doing only microblading

When choosing between microblading and 3D eyebrow your own preference is the most matter. Some people may choose microblading since it will cost less, and the final result is pretty good, it does look a bit unnatural but if it was done by a good artist the look will still awesome. But if you are concerns about going very natural, it is good to choose 3D eyebrow, since it will give you the “depth” and natural look which can’t be achieved by only doing microblading. It sure will cost you more, but if money is not your problem then you should try this awesome method.

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