Push Up Bra vs Normal Bra

There are many kind of bra with their own purposes being marketed today. Some women may love some of its variety while the other women prefer using only one of them. Among those many bras types, in this article we will give you some information on both of push up bra and normal bra. One of them included extra padding to serve its main purpose while the other is not. Its only one differences, to know more about push up bra and normal bra, here is how they are different.

Push Up Bra
Push up bra is a kind of fashion bra, which was designed to increase the cleavage. This push up bra contains padding and can be used to push the breast inwards and upward towards the center of the chest. A push up bra usually is also a demi bra. The first introduced push up bra in the market is the Wonderbra. Wonderbra is a brand of bra which first introduced push up bra using wire in their products. That brand then gain prominence in the 1990s. Wonderbra was developed in Canada back in the 1955 but was first trademarked in the US in 1955. Back then Moses Nadler the founder and majority owner of the brand Canadian Lady Corset Company, licensed the trademark for Canadian market in the 1939. The brand Canadian Lady then known as Wonderbra by the 1960. In 1961 the company introduced a model 1300 plunge push up bra which then became the best-selling Canadian styles and hold the most resemblance to today’s wonderbra. (See also : Demi Bra vs Push up Bra)

Benefit of Using Push Up Bra
The main benefit of using a push up bra is, since it was padded it can settles around the breasts and make them look heavy while enhancing the cleavage at the same time. Using push up bra is good to pair with a low cut shirts or dresses with plunging neckline. There are three levels of push up bras, each elevated level is claimed to give a better lift and more cleavage. The highest level which is level 3 is known to increase breasts up to two cup sizes. However this level three push up bra is not recommended to women with larger breasts since they will give you uncomfortable volume. Push up bra has so many variants, they are modeled push up bras, non-modeled push up bras, adjustable cleavage push up bras, petite push up bras, full push up bras, wire free push up bra, removable push up bras, double padded push up bras, demi cup push up bras, sport push up bras, and strapless push up bras. Here is some tips on choosing the right push up bra for you.

Tips for choosing push up bra:
1. Always try them before buying, avoid buying from online stores since their sizing are not all the same.
2. Choose your preference materials, padding, and shoulder stripe.
3. When trying the bra, fasten the back of the bra, lean forward and place each breast in each cup. Adjust the strap until it feels comfortable for you.

Normal Bra
Bra or brassiere or normal bra is a single undergarments made to support women breasts. Women wear bras since ancient times proves that this undergarments is beneficial to women however the ancient time bra have different shape with bra like we knew today. The women from ancient Greece already wearing garments which have purpose to support the breasts called apodesmos, stethodesme, mastodemos and mastodon, all of them translated into “breast band”, it was made from a band of wool that was wrapped across the breasts and tied or pinned at the back. Start from the 16th century the wealthier women fashion across Europe was dominated by corset. The usage of corset then receding after the World War 2 causing the shortage of metal. In the United States the first patent of brassiere was received by Mary Phelps Jacob in 1914 the design was known as the basis of modern bras. The mass production of bras begin in the 20th century.

Bras are made from many different type of materials but it was originally made from linen, cotton broadcloth, and twill weaves. It is sewn using flat felled or bias tape seams. In present day’s bra also made from tricot, spandex, spanette, latex, microfiber, satin, jacquard, foam, mesh, and lace, which are combine to make desirable design.

Push Up BraNormal Bra
- Push up bra made with extra padding- Normal bra no extra padding
- Push up bra is commonly half-cup or demi cup- Normal bra is commonly full-cupped and cover the entire breasts
- Push up bras commonly have underwire for additional support- Normal bra has not underwire for additional support

Both of push up bra and normal bra have their own main purpose. Just like its name, push up bra is beneficial to people who wish to have more volume into their breast even if it’s just for an appearance. While normal bra main purpose is to support breasts, covering them, and for people with larger breast, to ease them carrying their breast weight. Choosing between both of them rely on your need and preference, if you wish for your breast to appear larger then choose push up bra, but if you only want the benefit from normal bra, then pick the second.

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