Regular Perm vs Spiral Perm

Human is known for our “never satisfied” character. We may born with straight hair, but eventually we will get bored of it at a time and then try to change it. Many reason are given when changing hairstyle, such as boredom, want to try something new, curiosity, or the current style does not fit into someones taste. Perming hair is popular among woman with straight hair, many of them said perming their hair will add some volume onto their hair, and making it look beautiful. Of course these are according to their own taste. When trying to add some volume into their hair, some people choose regular perm and some choose the spiral perm. How are these perm different, here is some information on both regular perm and spiral perm.

Perm or originally referred to permanent wave, it is changing the hair structure using heat and/or chemicals to break the cross linking bonds. When doing perm, the hair is washed and wrap on a form and waving lotion. This method will make the hair soften by breaking some of the cross links between and within the protein chains of the hair. The person who make perm popular back then was Marcel Grateau in 1872. But the invention of perm itself take along way back then. It was in 1905 when a German hairdresser named Karl Nessler invented a curling method which is suitable for human being. At that time people still wear wig. But the method to curl wig at that time is too harsh to be used in human body. The method Nessler created is called spiral heat method, and it only useful with longer hair. First, the hair was wrapped is a spiral around rods connected to a machine with electric heating device. The hair then applied with sodium hydroxide and heated to 212 OF (100 OC) or above in a period of time.

Before making a decision about what kind of perm you want, you have to consider about these things such as:
1. Your hair condition, it is not recommended to get a perm while your hair is damaged. To get a beautiful perm the hair condition must be in a good shape. If you have been coloring your hair for the past few months, it is wise to rest your hair first before curling. Since chemicals will weaken your hairs.
2. Choosing the type of perm. There are two types, digital or hot perm and cool perm. Both of them have upside and downside. Choose which will gives your desired final results.
3. Make sure the hair length is appropriate for the kind of perm you want. Dry and short hair is not suitable to be permed. Since perm will dry out hair and short hair will not look good when permed.
4. Prepare to commit, hair perm cannot be changed in a short period. It will need to be taken care of, so it is wise to think things thoroughly.

The Differences
The difference between regular perm and spiral perm is:
1. The procedure, a regular perm is done using a different size curling rod and placed flat against the head. While spiral perm is done with curling rods sets vertically. The rod itself have a long and thin shape. When doing it in a salon we have to say what kind of curls we want, so the hairstylist can proceed using the right size rod to create your regular perm.
2. The volume of the final results, it is well known that spiral perm will give a higher volume compared to regular perm.
3. The length of the hair. When choosing regular perm we can start from a shorter hair length below 8 inch, we can make a good style using regular perm even though our hair length is not so long. But when choosing to do spiral perm it is recommended to have hair length at least 8 inches long from root to tip, this is required to create a great spiral perm.
4. The curls, regular perm have a similar curl pattern from root to tip. While spiral perm have a different size and lengths from root to tip, it may vary from small to large.
5. The style. Regular perm will gives you a more modern glamor look. While spiral perm will gives you a retro style, since the spiral perm is popular in the 1980s.

The information you need to differentiate between regular perm and spiral perm is already said above. Whether you want to do regular perm or spiral perm, it is all up to your personal preferences. It is wise to consult with your hairstylist first when deciding on what kind of perm is more suitable with your face shape. Since it is hard to change the hair back in a short period of time when the perm is already done.

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