Skinny Jeans vs Jeggings

Many people are confused when differentiating between skinny jeans and jeggings. It is understandable, since both items look quite similar to each other. However they are actually different from each other. To know more about what differs them, let’s check our explanation below.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Jeans, Skinny Jeans and Jeggings
– What is the characteristics of Skinny Jeans and Jeggings
– Skinny Jeans vs Jeggings

About Jeans
Jeans are a type of trouser that commonly made of denim fabric or dungaree cloth. The term itself commonly refers to a particular style of trousers. Nowadays people are using the term jeans to call trousers that was made from denim. There are many types of jeans, some even the combination of two or in between types. For men the most common types are baggy or loose jeans, regular or straight jeans, bootcut jeans, Flare jeans and skinny jeans. For women, there are straight jeans, skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, and flare jeans.

The material to make jeans, which is denim fabric itself, also has many types. They are 100% cotton denim, raw denim, sanforized denim, colored denim, stretch denim, selvedge denim, crushed denim, waxed reverse denim, acid wash denim, and poly denim. Each one of those types of denims are being made not only into trousers but also into various apparel and each one of them have different characters.

About Skinny Jeans
Taken from livestrong, the fit of skinny jeans are designed to be very tight, wearing it will give you similar experience as wearing a leggings. The common type of denim that was made into skinny jeans is stretch denim. So the pants can fit snugly but still have enough stretch in the material to make the wearer do not feel like the pants are clinging to the legs. This is why the perfect skinny jeans should be able to be pulled easily.

Some type of skinny jeans also have elastic waist and some others have button or snap closure. Victoria Beckham the creator of DVB Denim gave recommendation that skinny jeans should be flat around the stomach but with the proper stretch in the material. So the wearer will still have enough room for the knee and leg without any sagging. You can check our related article here.

Other characteristics of skinny jeans are the tapered legs and small leg openings at the bottom of the pants. The opening should fit tightly on the ankles with smooth or bunched a little at the ankles and the jeans should stay fitted along the legs. As opposite of popular believe, pear-shaped women can still wear skinny jeans, if the upper body is wearing the proper attire. The example for proper attire is by covering the lower half with a loose fitting blouse. For tall men skinny jeans should cover the ankles to avoid making the pants appear too short.

Skinny jeans are available in many different colors, from light to darker color like black or dark blue. For women skinny jeans may come in color such as cobalt blue, pink and red. Since white makes the legs look bigger, pear shaped women are not recommended to wear white skinny jeans. Men also should avoid white skinny jeans, since white will make the thighs or calves appear larger.

About Jeggings
Jeggings are actually a portmanteau of the words jeans and leggings. Jeggings are leggings that made to mimic the appearance of skin-tight jeans. The name itself has been registered by a Turkish textile company ISKO, a division of Sanko Holding, which is the original manufacturer of the stretchy material. The item became famous because of the surging popularity of Skinny jeans around 2010.

Jeggings are made of very stretchy materials, the fabric are commonly made of cotton/spandex blend, which we know that jeans are also mostly made with cotton. Jeggings are commonly worn on their own and some of them have elastic waistband, while some have front fastening facilities with no pockets. The thickness of jeggings may vary from a thick pair of tights to a thin pair of jeans.

The lengths of jeggings can be full length or capri length, which is the cropped half way up the calf. For tall people capri length can be flattering, but might not the same when worn by shorter people. Jeggings will give the wearer a casual and sporty look when worn with trainers or flats. The jeggings can be paired with a brightly colored top for a fresh spring or summer look. Full length jegging will enhance one’s leg length even more when worn with high heels, wedges or platforms.

Skinny Jeans vs Jeggings

Skinny JeansJeggings
- Is categorized as jeans that has tight fitting characteristic- Can't be categorized as jeans, more like a hybrid between jeans and legging
- Commonly made from elastic denim or stretchy denim- Commonly made from cotton/spandex blend
- Has pockets just like other type of jeans- Co not have pockets like typical jeans
- The material is commonly slightly thicker than jeggings- Che material to make the item is commonly slightly thinner than skinny jeans

After reading all those information, now we know that skinny jeans and jeggings are two different items. To ease you dividing it, you may say that jeggings are not jeans but the hybrid of jeans and leggings. The character of jeggings is between skinny jeans and legging. From the appearance they are quite similar but you will know when you give them a try. Jeggings are stretchier than skinny jeans and are typically a little bit thinner than skinny jeans. Jeggings are also commonly made without the same pockets we found in common jeans.

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