Skinny jeans vs Slim fit jeans

Skinny jeans and slim fit jeans are indeed the most popular type of jeans in recent years. These apparel are being worn from teenagers to middle aged people. Similar to many fashion items, these trousers are most popular among youngsters. Skinny jeans and slim fit jeans have similar appearance and character, which when worn will show the shape of one’s legs. If you are confused which to choose, in this article we will give you brief information to help you decide.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Skinny jeans and Slim fit jeans
– The caution when wearing Skinny jeans
– Skinny jeans vs Slim fit jeans

About Skinny Jeans
Skinny jeans are the type of jeans that is very similar to slim fit jeans and commonly mistaken for one another. However their difference can be easily felt when you try them on one by one. There are subtle difference between Skinny jeans and slim fit jeans that will affect their comfort, ability and appearance. You can say that Skinny jeans are tighter around the hips and legs; the shape is also getting narrower through the legs, even narrower than slim fit.

When one wore a skinny jeans they will get a sophisticated and cleaner appearance, however the most disadvantage that annoy many people about skinny jeans are the lack of mobility and range of motion. The trouser will cling around the legs so tightly and cause the wearer to not able to move as freely. Even though many people considered skinny jeans not comfortable enough to be their favorite, the item is still popular among youngsters these days.

Bad effect of Skinny Jeans
Taken from bbc there has been a report about a 35 year old Australian women who developed a condition called the compartment syndrome that was caused by bleeding or swelling within muscles. Apparently the women were wearing skinny jeans when the condition occurs, which makes it worse. For men there were also cases report about pain and tingling sensation after wearing a tight trouser. Wearing tight garments will harm the testicles and are not advised for men who currently trying to conceive with their partner.

Other skinny jeans related health issue is heartburn. High cut Skinny jeans may cause heartburn because they put too much pressure to the abdomen and caused the stomach acid to go upwards. People with urinary tract infections are also advised to avoid skinny jeans, since tight trousers will worsen their condition. However those condition are uncommon and typically will not occur in many situations, so it is important not to exaggerate the risk. It is also recommended not doing heavy physical activity with skinny jeans to avoid unwanted health conditions.

About Slim Fit Jeans
Slim fit jeans are commonly mistaken for skinny jeans and vice versa. Slim fit jeans main trait is the tightness of the item. Slim jeans are commonly made from stretchy type of denim, so it able to contour the shape of the wearers legs. As you can expect, the fit of skinny jeans are tighter than regular fit jeans. Skinny jeans may come in various specifications depend on the manufacturer, but the most commonly used are the narrow opening legs and becomes narrower through the tips. The construction is similar to straight jeans, because both of them have narrow leg opening and has no flare.

Even though some people may not comfortable with slim fit jeans, many people are favoring the item to be their everyday casual style. The great thing about skinny jeans is the ability of the trouser to provide style and comfort. We know that most jeans are stylish and comfortable but Slim fit jeans is able to contour and enhance the shape of the legs while still giving the wearer’s plenty of room and flexibility to move around. Slim fit jeans can be worn by men and women regardless seasons. Slim fit jeans will prevent the wearer from having the “clothes hanger” effect, while still letting the wearer comfortably move in their trousers.

For men, the slim fit jeans will help you appear taller and more slender, because its loose and tapered design will give you slimming and elongating effect. This style will perfectly suit men with a bit bulk and define legs that want to achieve a well fit with their jeans. For women, slim fit jeans will defined and enhance the shape of the legs and make you look taller. Pair slim fit jeans with simple blouse plus high heels to make your legs appear longer.

Skinny jeans vs Slim fit jeans

Skinny jeansSlim fit jeans
- The item is cling closely to the legs and contour better than slim-fit jeans- The item is cling slightly to the legs
- Made from combination of stretchy materials- Can be made both from stretchy materials or non-stretchy materials
- Limit the wearer’s movement and mobility- Provide comfort and wider range of motion

As it have been mentioned above, the main difference between skinny jeans and slim fit jeans are the tightness of the items. Slim fit jeans are slightly tapered to the legs, while skinny jeans are closely tapered to the legs. Slim fit jeans can be made from non-stretch material, while skinny jeans are made from combination of stretchy fabrics. When choosing between both of them aside from the fashion point of view, you may also consider their comfort. If you are an active person and move a lot during the day, in our opinion it is better to opt for slim fit jeans.

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