Skinny Jeans vs Straight Leg Jeans

Jeans are a type of trousers that has been around for quite some times and still being worn until today. The attractive look and the comfort ability of jeans makes the trousers widely spread as fashion items across generations. Among many types of jeans Skinny jeans and straight leg jeans are often being mistaken for each other. If you are also mistaking them for each other, then you should read our article below.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Skinny Jeans and Straight Leg Jeans
– What is the characteristic of Skinny Jeans and Straight Leg Jeans
– Skinny Jeans vs Straight Leg Jeans

About Skinny Jeans
Skinny jeans are the one type of jeans that designed to have a tight fitting, similar to the feel of wearing leggings. These trousers should fit snugly and cling to the legs, while still have enough stretch in the material to allow you to move. The perfect skinny jeans is the one that you can pull easily through your legs. Some type of skinny jeans has an elastic waist and some other have a button or snap closure. The creator of DVB, Victoria Beckham said that jeans should be flat around the stomach with the proper amount of stretch from the material that will provide the knee and legs with enough room without any sagging.

Skinny Jeans Fit
Together with the closely tapered legs, skinny jeans also have small leg openings at the bottom of the trousers and this opening will fit tightly to the ankles. Skinny jeans are also commonly mistaken for slim fit jeans because their shape is quite similar. To know more read our article on Skinny Jeans vs Slim here. Depending on the manufacturer skinny jeans can have a smooth or bunched a little at the ankles. Overall the jeans should fit tightly throughout the legs.

As opposite from the popular believe, pear shaped women can still wear skinny jeans if pair with the correct top, such as tunic that will cover the lower half or hips. For tall men, you should wear skinny jeans that can cover the ankles to avoid making the trousers look too short.

Similar to other types of jeans, skinny jeans are available in both light and darker color wash denim. Women can have other various color, such as cobalt blue, pink and red. The white color tends to make the legs appear larger, so pear shapes and chubby women might want to avoid white skinny jeans. For muscular men, white is also not a good option, since it will enhance the thighs or calves. Jeans that are darker in color are the most suitable for any body types.

About Straight Leg Jeans
Levi Strauss first invents straight leg jeans, which is the famous blue jeans long time ago. Taken from ebay, Straight jeans main trait is the fits that easily warped over the legs without being too tight or too loose.

Straight Leg Jeans Fit
The silhouette of this type of jeans narrow slightly to the knee to follow the knee natural difference between the width and the narrowness of the knee. If you look into straight jeans, you will notice that the width from the ankle to the bottom hem is the same. If you are not sure, you can test whether the item is straight jeans or not by folding the leg up until it meets the knee, if it is straight leg jeans the width will be very close to each other.

Straight leg jeans will work well with most figures in women, but are exceptionally good for short women who want to make their legs appear longer, so they can look taller. This look will be better if paired with heels, sneakers, and boots worn over the jeans.

For men, straight leg jeans are best for medium or athletic body. Finding the right jeans for this body type can be quite a task, since men also have to consider their thick calves and thigh muscles. Straight jeans is the best option because this jeans will show off the muscles without making them too restricted, since there is plenty of room in the legs. Men with this body type should avoid skinny jeans at all cost. For those with athletic body types, straight leg jeans will sit comfortably on the legs, especially on the thighs.

Skinny jeans and straight legs jeans are commonly confused to each other, while in fact they have different shape and different fit. The easiest way to differentiate them is by their characteristic. Skinny jeans are narrows from thigh all the way down through and fit pretty closely to the legs. At the other side straight legs jeans are fit a little tight at the thigh but loosen up further down the legs, because the legs are become narrower and the jeans width is still the same. If compare to Bootcut jeans, the straight leg jeans fit is similar without the extra room for boots at the bottom.

Skinny Jeans vs Straight Leg Jeans

Skinny JeansStraight Leg Jeans
- The trousers fit closely from the thigh through the legs- The trousers fit closely at the thigh and loose from knee to ankles
- The trousers keep getting narrower as it goes down- The trousers width is same from knee down to the bottom
- The material it was made from is the stretchy denim- The material it was made can be from both stretch and non-stretchy material

When comparing which one to wear between skinny jeans and straight legs jeans, the deciding factor only lay on your preferred fit and style. However, it is still advised to choose one, which not only complement your overall look but also comfortable while being worn. For those with an active lifestyle and move around a lot during the day, in our opinion it is best to opt for the straight leg jeans.

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