Sneakers vs Shoes

Are you currently wondering about what differ shoe from sneakers? Many of us think shoe and sneakers are the same, while this is not entirely wrong, it is not true either. If you are confused about both of them, then you should read this article because we are going to compare sneakers and shoes.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Sneakers and Shoes
– How to differentiate Sneakers and Shoes
– Sneakers and Shoes

About Sneakers
Sneakers are one among many types of shoes. Sneakers was designed for sports or other type of physical exercise, but nowadays people are wearing sneakers for everyday wear. Sneakers generally refer to footwear that has a flexible sole made from rubber or other type of synthetic material and the upper part are made from leather or also other synthetic type of materials. The name “sneakers” itself is commonly used in Northeastern United States and Southern Florida. Other than that it also used in North Carolina, Australia, and Canada. People who speak British English use the word “trainer” to refer the same thing.

Sneakers used to be called “plimsoll” back in the 1870s, and this name according to The Plimsoll Sensation was derived from the colored horizontal lining band joining the upper to the sole, which have a resemblance to the Plimsoll line on a ship’s hull. These shoes was commonly worn by vacationers then began to popular among sportsmen on the tennis and croquet courts, because of their comfort. The person who has a big part on making the sport shoes popular is Adolf “Adi” Dassler the founder of Adidas, he able to establish his business after returning from World War I to one among some popular shoe brand we know.

The sneakers can be mean a sport shoes or athletic shoes, which is typically worn for running in a marathon, basketball, tennis and other type of sport, but tends to exclude the shoes that worn for sports that played on grass, such as football and rugby, which commonly called as “studs”. The characteristic of athletic shoe include a flexible sole, appropriate tread depending on the function, and ability to absorb impact. In today industry, the term “athletic shoe” is focused more into the design of the bottom of the shoe rather than its upper part.

The sneakers or athletic shoe itself are made with flexible material that commonly paired with a sole made from dense rubber. The original design might be basic but today manufacturers has tailored many different features for specific purposes.

About Shoes
Taken from Wikipedia, Shoe is the term we used to call a footwear that worn to protect our foot while we are doing our various activities. Shoe also being collected as a decoration and fashion, many people collect shoes that has similarity to one another, most of the time to show their love for the brand or the style. The design of shoe itself have been evolved through time and from culture to another, where the original design is matched to its function. However in a fashion sense, shoe was often dictated by various design elements, like whether the shoe has a heel or not.

Shoe that was made by famous designer and worn as a fashion item may be made from expensive materials, use a complex construction and sold for hundred or even thousands of dollars. There are also shoes that made for some specific purposes such as boots that was designed exclusively for mountaineering or skiing and soccer shoes that was made to be worn by soccer player. Shoe was traditionally made from leather, wood or canvas, but since 2010s they began increasingly made from rubber, plastics and other type of petrochemical derived materials.

Back into ancient time, the first shoe known is the bark sandals that was estimated came from 7000 or 8000 BC and was found in the Fort Rock Cave in Oregon at 1938. While the oldest leather shoe that was made from a single piece of cowhide was found in Armenia in 2008 and is believed to date back to 3500 BC. The construction of shoe is easy to recognize, they commonly consist of sole, insole, outsole, midsole, heel, upper, vamp, medial, and the toe box. Shoes also has many types, such as athletic shoes, boot, dress and casual shoes, and orthopedic shoes. You also can read our previous article about House shoes vs Slippers here.

Sneakers vs Shoes

- Is a type of shoes, also called sport shoes or athletic shoes- Is a term to refer many type of footwear
- Worn commonly by people to play sports- Worn by people for different purpose
- The main purpose is to give comfort and support- The main purpose is to protect your foot

As it have been mentioned above, you might already know that shoe and sneaker is clearly different. The term shoe is use to call any footwear and among those many type of shoe, sneakers or sport shoes or athletic shoes is one of them. You can call your mother, sister or your friend high heel a shoe but you can’t use the word sneakers to refer to those heels. If you are currently choosing which one is better for you, then you should think about what kind of activity you do in your daily life, if you are an active person with high mobilization it is better to find a comfortable shoe to move around.

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