Sports Bra vs Normal Bra

Women need bra to support and cover their breasts. Many kind of bra have been invented to suit all women needs. Some of them are made only to provide normal support and some of them might be needed when wearing special dresses, the other is made to resist breast movement. In this article we will talk about sports bra and normal bra. You might be able to differentiate them only by their look since they do not have similar look at all. But some of us may be still confuse which one will suit us better. So here is some information on sports bra and normal bra.

Sports Bra
Sport bra is a type of bra which provides some support to female when they doing exercise. Sport bra is made sturdier than common bras, they able to minimize the breast movement, can reduce discomfort and potential damage to the chest ligaments. Women wore sport bras to reduce discomfort and pain caused by breast movement while exercising. Some sport bras is designed to be an outerwear during outdoor exercise such as jogging. The first sport bra available commercially was released by Glamorise Foundation named “Free Swing Tennis Bra” in the 1975. While the first exercise bra introduced by Lisa Lindahl and Polly Smith and originally named “jockbra” was invented in 1977.

The brand then purchased by Playtex in 1990. This was followed by a research by an associate professor of surgery at the University of Medicine and dentistry of New Jersey named Christine Haycock. She suggest to use wide bottom band for extra support and a firm straps to minimize breast movement while women doing exercise. A Montana hairdresser names RenelleBraaten who struggle from her double D cup while playing a racquetball and volleyball try to appeal the bra special features to mainstream bra manufacturer but failed. Not long after that she collaborated with a freelance apparel designer named Heidi Fisk and founded Enell Incorporated. They then lobby Oprah Winfrey to try they bra, the positive review by Oprah in O: The Oprah Magazine and an appearance in The Oprah Winfrey Show made the bra famous.

Sports bra may come in encapsulate or compress breast version. Sport bras which encapsulated the breasts have molded cups, at the other side the compress version restrict movement by flattening the breasts. It is claimed that the encapsulated version is better to reduce discomfort while exercising. The most basic sport bra is designed like tank top with its bottom cut. Some other design uses gel, water pad, silver fibers, and air bags. The other type is stitch less bra, it was made by Wacoal, they made it by molding, compressing and shaped the bra. Sports bra are divided with a three level of support depends on your activity. Low support sport bra is suitable for walking, yoga, and strength training. Medium support sport bra is suitable for moderate hiking, skiing, and road cycling. While high support bra is for running, aerobics, and mountain biking.

Normal Bra
Normal bra is our regular bra, the single piece of undergarments which made to cover women breasts and providing a support to ease woman carrying their breasts weight. Bra is beneficial because by wearing them the weight of breasts is being distribute to back and waist, to avoid back pain and headache. It is said that different breast shapes needs different type of bra. Shallow type suitable with push up bra, since it will increase the size of your breast and making your cleavage looks better. Semi supported, your breast is not full like teenagers but it has a nice look. This breast shape is best with any type of bras. Self-supported, this breast shaped after being implant. Suitable with any kind of bras. Conical, the shape of C cup and below. Best with padded bras. Uneven, where one breast is larger or smaller than the other one. With this shape, choose the bra match with your larger breast and use bra with a thin layer of foam in it. Settled, deflated and hanging breasts. This shape will need a well-structured, multi cup bra that has seams in it. Seams will give the breasts a nice structure and shape. Thin, this shape refer as “tubular breast” which makes the breasts is not as wide as the traditional normal bras. This shape need bandeau bras, it can squeezed the breasts together to make them appear less long. Splayed, the breast is heading at to left and right. This shape best with demi bras, which allow your upper breast to appear better. (Take a look : Push Up Bra vs Normal Bra)

Sports BraNormal Bra
- Sport bra is made to help women ease discomfort while doing exercise, by minimizing the breast movements- Normal bra is made to cover and provide medium support to breasts
- The design is different, sports bra shave simple design- Bra have a distinctive cup to place the breasts
- Sport bra will make the breasts appear smaller- Bra commonly made to shape the breast so they may appear larger

It has been said above each bras has their own special function. Some people may need to wear one specific type of bra their entire life because of some condition they have. The main purpose of sport bra and normal bra is clearly different. Sport bra able to provide the support and resistance which not present when using normal bra. Consider your need first when choosing between both of them since they are made for different purpose.

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