Suit Jacket vs Blazer

There are many type of menswear these days. Some of them are worn casually and some are worn in a more formal event. There is also type of suit which is wear only in one type of activity. Many men may have more than one kind of suit in their wardrobe, since some of them are not interchangeably. Choosing what kind of attire we will wear might be a hassle is we can’t distinguish which one will be the correct attire for our event. For example some of us might still can’t differentiate between a suit jacket and a blazer. These two type of garments is very popular among men, one is commonly wear formally and the other is more versatile which can be worn in more casual events and can be pair with different kind of trousers. In this article we will give you some brief information about suit jacket and a blazer.

Suit Jacket
Suit jacket is a piece of garments made from the same fabric and it is commonly comes with a pair of trousers. The jacket and the trousers are also made from the same fabric. This type of suit is the most traditional and already exist since the 18th century. Suit jacket begin exist at the same time as morning suits or also called tailcoats when it was first introduced in Europe. Then the introduction of Tuxedo follow shortly after it. The suit jacket like we used to see these days are first worn by aristocrats and elites in the mid-19th. The true origin of this suit is currently not clear, but the design was widely known to be made by Savile Row tailors which at that time is trying to introduce elements of military and evening wear into day wear throughout the 19th and 20th century.

When you wear a suit jacket, it is recommended to wear them along with the trousers. Because if suit jacket is worn as a blazer, the color may fade and it won’t match the trouser anymore. There are many type of fabric used in making suit jacket, but the most common are worsted wool, cashmere, linen, seersucker, and silk. Suit jacket comes in many different color, the most common are navy blue, charcoal gray, light gray and black.

Blazer is very similar to suit jacket but it is worn more casually. Compare to sport jacket blazer is more formal and made from solid color fabrics. The blazer as we known today are root back in the 1800s, a captain of a warship named HMS Blazer asked for a double breasted navy jackets with brass buttons for his crews, so they can appear appropriately in front of Queen Victoria. The Queen like the jacket so much, and made it a standard uniform for the soldier. The other story about the origin of blazer is back in the 1889 when a writer for the London Daily News wrote an article about the Lady Margaret Boat Club, he was referring the red jacket of the rowing club as blazer because of its red color. After that somehow people began to call jacket blazer even though the color is not red. (Read also : Sport Jacket vs Blazer)

The most common fabric to make blazer are worsted wool, serge, cashmere, flannel, and fresco. While they commonly comes in navy blue, blue, bottle green, red, and regatta stripe. When wearing a blazer it is recommended to pair them with trouser which does not attract the same attention as the jacket, such as having the same pattern with the blazer.

Suit JacketBlazer
- It must come with a pair of trousers made from the same fabric and have the same color as the Suit Jacket- It is a highly versatile, and can be worn with different types of trousers and to casual events
- It has a minimal style, suit jacket usually have patterns such as pinstripe, houndstooth, windowpane, solid and so on except bespoke- Navy blue are the most popular color, it is said if you only own one blazer, choose for the navy one
- It has notch and peak lapels, this feature will make them easily distinguish from tuxedo which most feature shawl lapels- It may come vary in 2 buttons single breasted, 3 buttons single breasted, and 6 buttons double breasted

The easiest way to differentiate between suit jacket and blazer is that suit jacket comes with a pair of trouser made from the same fabric and have the same color as the jacket. While blazer is more casual, it is very versatile and can be worn with jeans in an informal activity and can be pair with a flannel trouser when attending a more formal occasion. When choosing them it is better to know which one you will use frequently. They are not interchangeable, and none of them is better than the other one. Wearing them will depend on what kind of occasion you will be attending.

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