Tennis Shoes vs Sneakers

“Tennis Shoes” and “Sneakers” are two terms that often used interchangeably with each other. Most people in the United States use the term “Tennis Shoes” to refer to athletic shoes in general. In some states in the east, “Sneakers” are more commonly used. However, there are actually some distinctions between real Tennis Shoes vs Sneakers.

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About Tennis Shoes
Although many people nowadays just use regular sneakers to play tennis, real tennis shoes do have distinctive features. Tennis is a dynamic game that often requires vigorous foot activities. At times, a tennis player has to perform swift movements from one side of the field to the other side. For such challenges, a tennis player requires shoes that are comfortable yet have extra support. See also: Training Shoes vs Running Shoes.

Tennis shoes are designed with enhanced lateral support to allow swift movements in all four directions. The enhanced support is to prevent ankle injuries. Combine tennis shoes with tennis shocks, and your joints can get added comfort, support, and protection. You can find some examples of tennis shoes from Nike here.

Tennis shoes are also equipped with special materials that can absorb shocks or impacts. The shock-absorbent shoes are to prevent excessive friction levels in the joints. The soles of tennis shoes usually have additional rubber pads to bear extra tear and wear; special non-scuffing soles are used to provide traction, stability, and power in the tennis field.

About Sneakers
The first sneakers were designed for various training and exercise activities. However, today, sneakers have become casual daily wear due to their great comfort and decent performance. Sneakers are still preferred for workout sessions or for going to the gym.

Sneakers are simple athletic shoes with rubber soles and canvas or synthetic uppers. Sneakers are designed to be general-purpose athletic shoes, so they don’t have technical details like real tennis shoes. While they usually have some lateral support, they aren’t as supportive as real tennis shoes. They don’t always come with shock-absorbing materials. Nevertheless, sneakers are more flexible and hence can be more comfortable for casual wear than tennis shoes.

Sneakers are not meant to be used in a game. The rubber soles are rather simple without special features. They don’t have non-scuffing soles like the ones on tennis shoes. So, they are not really suitable for the tennis field.

Sneakers are very easy to find. You can find them in about any shoe store or online store, and they are generally more affordable. They are also available in various colors and designs. Some models are even designed for everyday wear and fashion.

Tennis Shoes vs Sneakers

Tennis ShoesSneakers
- Designed specifically for tennis matches- Designed to be general-purpose athletic shoes and daily wear
- Enhanced lateral support- More flexible
- Non-scuffing soles with extra rubber pads- Simple rubber soles
- Shock-absorbent materials- Canvas or synthetic uppers
- More expensive- More affordable

Tennis shoes are specially designed for tennis matches. They come with technical features such as enhanced lateral support, shock-absorbent materials, and non-scuffing soles. You should choose tennis shoes if you specifically want to play on tennis fields. On the other hand, sneakers are general-purpose athletic shoes for exercises, workouts, or just daily wear. Sneakers don’t always come with technical features. Sneakers are available in more fashionable designs.

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