Threading vs Waxing

Both of threading and waxing is currently popular treatment to remove unwanted body hair. In case of eyebrow, threading and waxing have other purpose which is to shape the hairs into preferred form. Many women think that a good eyebrow shape can highlight someone’s face and are obsessed with them. This statement is actually true since eyebrow can make someone’s face appear better. A perfectly shaped eyebrow balance the features and frame of your eyes. In this article we will try to explain about threading and waxing. Both of them almost have the same benefit but one might not be suitable for everyone. Here is how threading is different to each other and also what benefit they can provide us with.

Threading is a method of hair removal came from Asia. Threading is recently popular among Western Countries, especially with a cosmetic application and particularly used from removing or shaping eyebrows. When doing threading the technique is done by using a double and twisted thread. The threads then rolled over areas where unwanted hairs exist and plucking the hair at follicle level. this method is different from tweezing which pulling hair one by one, threading can remove short rows of hairs at once. The advantages of threading eyebrow compare to waxing is it can be more precise when shaping eyebrows and is gentler to the skin. Threading can be very painful because several hair are being removed at once, but the pain can be minimized if done correctly by professional.

Aside from eyebrow threading also can be used to treat sideburns, lip, chin, neck and fingers. Here is the benefit of threading compare to waxing. First, it doesn’t harm the skin, since the process is only uses thread to glides across the skin, removing excess hair while it does. Second, it cause little mess. Third, it also can be used to sculpt the eyebrows better than any other treatment. Since it is using small thread it able to create the perfect shape for each face. The last is, it can last for a pretty long period. When you choose to do eyebrow threading make sure to choose a professional beautician. Not everybody is good at threading and instead of pulling out the hair they might end up breaking it. And another important thing is consult to your beautician first about the shape you want for your eyebrow to avoid getting the unwanted final result. The last is do not panic when you get some red patches. It is natural and the redness will go away within minutes. If it is not go away immediately put cool patches to compress the red area.

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Waxing is a method to remove body hair by using wax to pull the hair from its roots. There are 2 type of waxing available. First, strip waxing or also called soft wax, the method is done by spreading evenly the wax into the skin and then a strip is placed over the wax and patted gently adhering the strip to the wax and to the skin. Then the strip is quickly ripped in an opposite direction of hair growth as parallel as possible to the skin to avoid trauma to the skin. This will remove the hair along with the wax. The second type is stripless wax or also called hard wax. In this method the wax is applied thickly and it is left to cool and hardens. When the wax harden it will encapsulated the hairs and when the wax is pulled, the hairs will also be removed.

Benefit of shaping eyebrow using wax is it can highlight the eyes as a gorgeous focal point, waxing is also known to consume less times. Applying wax can also removes dead skin cells and fine tiny hairs, it will not cause burns like when using razor and also it will prevents ingrown hair, since the hair is pull from its roots. Even though waxing gives many benefit not all people is recommended to do waxing. People with extremely sensitive skin should consider avoiding wax treatment since waxing is commonly harsh to skin. And it is recommended to get treatment from a professional instead of doing it yourself at home, since doing eyebrow waxing need an extremely good precision to avoid mistakes so it is better to ask a beautician for help rather than doing it at home.

- The method is utilizing a thread to pull the eyebrow hairs- It used hot wax to encapsulate the hairs and then pulled to removes the unwanted hairs
- It does not cause irritation on skin- It may cause irritation in people with sensitive skin
- It is claimed to be less painful compared to waxing- It is said to be most painful among other treatments

Like it have been said above both threading and waxing can be used to treat unwanted hairs, in this article the highlight is the eyebrow hairs. Many article said that threading is more beneficial and more comfortable done rather than waxing. This might be true because compare to other treatments waxing is the most painful to be done. Also waxing is not suitable for people with sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin and are not used to the painful taste of waxing, it is better to pick the threading option.

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