Van Dyke vs Goatee

Having beard, mustache, and goatee is popular among men’s since long time ago. The fashion and variations may change from era to era. There are several style of facial hair worn by men these days, such as goatee, van dyke, circle beard, royal beard, and many more. Among them van dyke and goatee may seem similar but they are actually different, here some information regarding both of van dyke and goatee.

Van Dyke
Van dyke or van dyke beard is a style of facial hair worn by men, this facial hair style name is inspired by a 17th century Flemish painter named Anthony van Dyck. This Flemish Van Dyke is known for religious and regal themed paintings, which often included men sporting beard, similar to his. Van dyke facial hair is specially consist of any growth of both a moustache and a goatee with the hair on the cheek are shaven. The way to achieve this Van dyke style is first, in a week or two clean shave the face, to make your face is shaven completely. It is recommended to use safety razor and make sure to use shaving cream or gel. If you want to ease the appliance you also can use shaving brush to spread the cream or gel more evenly.

Second, after a week or two when you facial hair are starting to grow out, shape the beard into what is called circle beard. Begin shaving with a safety razor near the ear and remove the sideburns from the middle of the ear down. After shaving the sideburns, work over to the cheeks. Continue with the shaving until it roughly 2 inches to the corners of the mouth. Do not touch the mustache, chin hair, and where the two connect, and do not forget to also shave the neck and underneath the jaw. Third, wash the face with cold water, and apply some aftershave cream to reduce irritation. Fourth is trimming the chin hair, do not do it depth underneath. Place your thumb underneath the tip of your chin and use it as guide. Any hair remains beyond the thumbs must be shaven. Fifth, now is the time to severe the connection between the mustache and chin hair. You can use a scissor or a shaver to quickly remove the hair. Sixth, trim the mustache to the length you desire, usually it is about 6 mm length. It is recommended to brush the hair above the lips and trim it so it won’t reach your mouth. Last is wash the face to make sure there is no stray hairs missed. Check with your hand if there is area which is not cleanly shaven.

Goatee is a style of facial hair incorporating on a man’s chin and not his cheek. Goatee was referred as beard formed by tuft of hair on the chin until the late 20th century. In the 1990 the term goatee became popular to refer the facial hair style incorporating the chin but not in the cheek. This style was inspired back then in ancient Greek and ancient Rome, where they have a god named Pan. When Christianity began to dominate they use they the pagan myth to image Satan. This made Satan was depicted with goatee in medieval and renaissance art. The goatee become popular in the late 19th, when it becomes the characteristic and physical traits of bohemian in Paris. The goatee style continue to widespread it popularity after the World War II, and still continuing until this day.

To achieve goatee here is some tips, first, do not shave for a week, to let your beard grow out and shave later, it will be hard to make goatee with short beard. Second, choose what kind of goatee style you want to have, you can keep mustache and goatee, goatee without mustache, goatee separated from mustache, and so on. Third, after you grown your facial hair, trim the beard to give it an even look by using a comb, after trimming the beard you may start to give the beard sharp edges. Make sure you approach the edges very carefully and they should not extend past the smile lines. Both side of the beard must match symmetrically. The last is maintaining your goatee, do not forget to trim your facial hair except the goatee area and keep them clean by washing them regularly.

The difference between both of them is, the goatee is only grown on the chin, while van dyke is joining the goatee to the mustache by doing a circle beard type of look. By another words, goatee does not need to grow mustache like when to achieve van dyke style. When choosing between both of them it is recommended to imagine how your face look like when wearing each style, choose which will suit your face better. You can also ask your barber to decide whether van dyke or goatee is the one for you.

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