Waxing vs Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal or also known as epilator or depilatory means the deliberate removal of body hair. Many people do not like the hair that grows in various part of their body, such as on the upper lip, feet, finger, chin, toes, cheek, back, and legs. The hair grown in such area might be affected by genetics, some medications, polycystic ovarian syndrome and a higher level of certain hormones. There are many methods to do hair removal such as, shaving, plucking, hair removal cream, waxing, threading, laser hair removal, electrolysis, and medication to get rid of unwanted hair. But in this article we will talk about waxing and hair removal cream. Here is some information, the benefit and the side effect of waxing and hair removal cream.

Waxing is a method to remove body hair using a hot or cold wax. This method usually will prevent hair growth in a prior of four to six week. Some people may have a different experience because of their genes. Waxing can be performed almost on every part of human body including, eyebrows, legs, arm, face knuckles, abdomen, back, or even pubic hair. There are two types of body waxing, first is strip waxing or also called soft wax. This method is performed by applying wax thinly over the desired area and using a cloth or paper strip, press the wax firmly into the skin. The strip then quickly ripped in an opposite direction as the hair growth. The firm waxing come in two variant which is cold waxing and hot waxing. Hot waxing is easier to spread into the skin compared to cold waxing. Second is, stripless wax or also called as hard wax. This method is done by applying a thick wax onto the skin, when the wax cools down it hardens, and thus allowing the hair can be removed even without using cloth. It is claimed that hard wax is beneficial for sensitive skin since it does not adhere to the skin as much as strip wax does. Because when using hard wax, finer hair can also be easily removed since the hard wax encapsulates the hair as it hardens. It is also said that hard waxing is less painful compared to soft waxing.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Waxing
The advantages of waxing:
1. The final result can last longer compare to shaving, it can last up to 6 weeks before the next waxing appointment.
2. It can be done faster than shaving.
3. It can prevents ingrown hair, since the hair is pulled from its root.

The disadvantages of waxing hair:
1. The process is painful.
2. Some people with sensitive skin may irritate their skin. It is pretty common to have redness after waxing, if the redness last longer than a few hours, it is wise to seek medical advice.
3. It is pretty expensive. A brazilian wax can cost from $30-$60. And the cost for hard wax is usually pricier.
Hair removal cream is cream made to remove the body hair. This cream works by dissolving the hair above the skin, not by pulling them from their roots. The hair removal creams break down the keratin structure, the proteins of the hair. This method will weaken the base of the hair, and making it weak so it will be easy enough to be broken off while removing the cream.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Hair Removal Cream
The advantages of hair removal cream:
1. It is easy to apply, and safer compare when using razor. The cream also can be removed easily.
2. Using hair removal creams is not painful and effective to remove hairs.
3. The price is relatively cheap, so everybody can afford it.
4. The results may last longer compare when shaving.
5. The method do not consumes too much time.

The disadvantages of hair removal cream:
1. It cannot be applied in a damaged skin.
2. The hair removal cream is not supposed to be used on a daily basis.
3. Hair removal cream is not effective used in coarse hair.
4. The cream contains chemicals based products, some people may develop rashes, redness, allergy and skin burnt.

The information you need on both waxing and hair removing cream are already said above. Both of them are equally effective but there are some things you need to think thoroughly. Compare to waxing hair removal cream cost less, while waxing is pretty expensive. But waxing can give a longer result and it also prevent ingrown hair compare to when using hair removal cream. The process of removing hair using hair removal cream is painless unlike when using wax, some people may not be able to be waxed because of the pain. Deciding whether you want to take waxing or using hair removal cream is all up to you. If you don’t want pain and pricey hair removal solution, you may choose using hair removal cream. But if you don’t have any issue about pain or money, then waxing is probably suit you better. Also do not forget to take your skin condition into consideration before deciding on waxing or using hair removal cream.

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