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The LifeVest is your first wearable defibrillator. This device monitors the individual’s heart with non-adhesive electrodes that are sensing to discover abnormal heart rhythms. If the patient becomes unconscious, then the system delivers an electric shock and releases a Blue gel within the treatment electrodes.

The LifeVest allows a patient’s physician time make appropriate plans and to assess their long-term arrhythmic risk. The LifeVest can be used for a array of individual conditions or scenarios, such as before or after stent placement or bypass surgery, as well as for individuals with cardiomyopathy or congestive heart failure that puts them at particular risk.

The LifeVest is lightweight and easy to wear, allowing patients to go back to their common tasks of daily living that they are safeguarded from SCA. The entire event, to delivering a remedy shock from discovering a life-long arrhythmiaoccurs in under a minute. Timely defibrillation is the single most significant element in saving a SCA victim’s lifestyle. The LifeVest does not call for bystander intervention also has a 98 percent treatment jolt achievement rate for resuscitating patients from SCA.

The LifeVest can be used for a wide range of scenarios or individual conditions, including after a heart attack, for those with cardiomyopathy or congestive heart failure which places them at specific risk, in addition to prior to or after bypass surgery or stent placement. The non-invasive device includes a 98 percent first shock success rate without necessitating bystander intervention for treating patients such as SCA and has been exploited by patients, also provides emergency defibrillation.

Timely emergency defibrillation is the single most significant factor in conserving a SCA victim’s lifestyle. If a life threatening rhythm is detected by it, the LifeVest alerts the individual to permit a conscious individual to prevent a jolt. The device delivers emergency defibrillation to restore normal rhythm, if the patient is unconscious. To automatically delivering a crisis defibrillation shock from discovering a life-long arrhythmia the event, normally happens in less than a moment.

LifeVest Emergency Defibrillation
The LifeVest wearable defibrillator is worn away from the body rather than implanted into the chest. The LifeVest system is made up of two main elements: (1) an electrode belt and garment that surrounds the patient’s torso, and (2) a monitor that the patient communicates around the waist or from a shoulder strap.) The LifeVest electrodes are non-adhesive and dry to give comfort. The monitor weighs approximately 1.8 lbs, which makes it the lightest outside crisis defibrillator available.

The 1-pound, battery-powered nylon vest is prescribed for heart attack patients and individuals who may experience unexpected cardiac arrest, reports the Augusta Chronicle. For utilizing the LifeVest, candidates include patients who have undergone or expect to experience placement or bypass operation, or who have congestive heart failure or cardiomyopathy, based on Zoll Medical Corporation. The business designed patients the defibrillator device to wear during their regular tasks.

Pros and cons
A defibrillator vest’s biggest advantage is that it could save your life. The apparatus may also transmit information about your heart rhythm to your physician to help direct your treatment. Discomfort is just one downside to wearing a defibrillator vest. As much as one in five individuals who attempt a device cease using it due to issues like skin rash, itching, and sleep disturbances. And though a jolt could save your own life, it is painful enough to make your quality of life suffer. In addition, it can leave you. Even though a defibrillator vest does not involve operation, it needs careful consideration. There is not enough evidence yet from clinical studies to confirm security profile and its advantages. The American Heart Association recommends using a discussion with your cardiologist about your risks and benefits before moving forward.

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